55 Series 5512-44 12" 400W RMS Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer

12 Inch Inverted Apex 55 Series Car Subwoofer
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Manufacturer: MTX Audio

The 5512-44 is a 12″ dual voice coil, 4 ohm subwoofer built on the MTX tradition of getting more than expected. This subwoofer features an Inverted Apex surround. This is a departure from a traditional roll surround. The Inverted Apex is narrower thereby increasing the surface diameter of the subwoofer cone enabling it displace more air and generate higher SPL. as well as a progressive suspension that lowers distortion resulting in improved sound quality.

This subwoofer also incorporates Spider Plateau Venting which is a mechanical cooling process that targets cool air at the voice coil and a radial ribbed t-yoke that acts as a heat sink effectively managing the subwoofer temperature for long term performance.

The 5512-44 is ideally used in applications where bass levels are the most important factor. These subwoofers are designed to move air and go boom! They are true monsters of bass and are a great choice for anyone that really wants to be heard.

See how the 5512 stacks up against the "other guys" and experience the true MTX Advantage.

Learn how to properly wire your subwoofers with this easy subwoofer wiring diagram tool.

Speaker Impedance
Inverted Apex Surround increases surface area resulting in increased volume displacement and SPL.
Progressive suspension controls excursion at high power resulting in better sound quality.
Spider plateau venting targets cool air at voice coil for improved thermal performance.
Radial, ribbed t-yoke helps dissipates heat to help improve sound quality by reducing distortion.
RMS Power (Watts) 400
Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 200 - 400
Peak Power (Watts) 800
Frequency Response 26Hz - 130Hz
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 85.7 dB
Voice Coil 2" (5.08 cm)
Magnet Weight 56 oz
Mounting Depth 6.188"
Cut Out Diameter 11.125"
Volume Displacement (cu in) 52.46 cu in
Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 1 cu ft
Vented Enclosure Net Volume 2.32 cu ft
Tech Data Sheet 5512-44 Tech Data Sheet.pdf
50Hz Test Tone 50Hz.mp3

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