Wiring my new subwoofers?

Posted: 5 months ago Quote #53
I just bought two new 5512-44 dual voice coil woofers and I need to wire them up to my amp. I got the Thunder1000.1 amp, how can I get the most bass out of this and can you tell me how to wire it up? Thanks
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #59
in order to wire your subs there are a couple different ways.  i had a similar question and the guys at MTX support gave me this link to help out with wiring.  just select the number of subs you have and the impedance of the coil(s).  then there will be a diagram on how to wire it.  make sure your amp can work with the total you end up with.
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #62
<p>Jason, Wiring the subs to your amp can be done in different ways. Wiring is easy to do and understand with a diagram. If you need any tuning help feel free to give us a call at 1-800-225-5689. We will be more than happy to help you out with the proper tuning and going through the process with you. The Thunder1000.1 amp is 1ohm stable so you can wire your subs to 1ohm to get the most power from the amp for your subs. Here is a link again for the wiring diagrams for the subs to get to the proper impedance for your amp and subs.</p>