Whether you are adding a subwoofer to get more hard hitting bass, or just looking to improve your current tunes, an amplifier is the key to a better sounding system.

What are the benefits of an amplifier?

An amplifier allows you to increase the volume of installed speakers without sacrificing clarity. Your car’s radio has a small built in amplifier that does not produce a lot of power. Better speakers require more power to run efficiently and an amplifier provides that power.

While most people think power is only needed for volume, excess power is also needed to accurately recreate fast transients such as a cymbal crash or other dynamic change in sound output. Without enough amplifier power, the signal is clipped resulting in distortion.

MTX Car Amplifier Series Overview

  • TH Series - Our most popular amplifiers offering an excellent combination of power and performance with the features and price to match.
  • THUNDER Series - Deliver high power in a small chassis allowing them to power most speakers and subwoofers where amplifier mounting space is limited.
  • XTHUNDER Series - Due out soon, this new series is designed with one goal: provide high power to your high performance SuperWoofers and high end speakers.

Car Audio Amplifier Series

XTHUNDER Amplifiers

Big power to drive high-end speakers and subwoofers. Extended feature set allows for extreme control and a customized audio experience.

For over 40 Years, we have been engineering high quality amplifiers that look good and deliver power that will push your subwoofers and speakers to the "XTREME". Once again our highly trained and qualified engineers weren't messing around with this new design.

The Xthunder amplifiers deliver power that you never knew could come from such a small package. They pump out enormous sound from a sub. If you want a High Class Amplifier that will enrich your vehicle's sound system, and put out plenty of power for your lows all the way to your highs, then we recommend XTHUNDER Amplifiers.

"XTHUNDER is bringing a whole new level to MTX THUNDER"...

THUNDER Amplifiers

- The Look., the Feel, and the Power...

The Thunder Series amp stays cool under heavy use even with its small footprint. You will get Serious MTX BASS and amazing high notes when using the Thunder series in your ride.

The THUNDER1000.1 is a compact amp that will drive your subwoofers up to 1000 watts RMS, and is 1ohm stable. We guarentee if you put this amp in your ride, you'll hear Bass notes you've never heard before coming out of your subwoofers. If you are looking for an even smaller foot print that will still deliver lots of bass from your subwoofers, then we have the THUNDER500.1, which delivers 500 watts RMS at 2ohms.

Don't forget, we also carry the THUNDER75.4 four channel amp that will clarify any song, dazzling you with gorgeous highs and mids. The THUNDER75.4 puts out 400 watts of clean, clear sound that you never knew could come from a 4 channel. If you're ready to bring Thunder to the streets, then MTX AUDIO can help with our Thunder Series Amplifiers. MTX is "SERIOUS ABOUT SOUND"

Marine / Power Sports Amplifiers

- Go from Stock to Rock

Whether your at the offroad park with your utv / atv, the lake with your weekend cruiser, or riding your motorcycle around town, you want to make sure that you're noticed. (And have great tunes too!) MTX can help by bringing you amazing power with our small-foot-print, water resistant amplifiers. These small amps deliver a ton of RMS watts to give you enough bass to rock the wildlife... and crystal clear high notes to pump up the party.

Not only do they look good and are very compact, but MTX amps stay cool under long, heavy use. So before your go out riding the trails, head to party cove with your boat, or start the cruise on your bike, let MTX put THUNDER to your speakers with our Power Sports Amplifiers.

TH Amplifiers

Feature rich, patented technologies, and high power ratings make these TH Amps ideal for use in any type audio system. All internal wiring is as short as possible, for the purest reproduction with low noise distortion. And you'll find a handy clip light that helps you set your gain properly, so you know you're getting the cleanest bass possible.

The sleek design of the TH Series not only looks good in your vehicle, but with their small and thin footprint, they can be placed about anywhere in your ride. From 2-channel all the way to Mono 1200.1 watts, these amps deliver the power thats needed to push your speakers and subwoofers to the max without overheating. 

MTX knows how to bring you strong, clean power that you can rely on — day in and day out. Purchase and install any one of the TH Series and get Serious Results.

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