Whether you are adding a subwoofer to get more hard hitting bass, or just looking to improve your current tunes, an amplifier is the key to a better sounding system.

What are the benefits of an amplifier?

An amplifier allows you to increase the volume of installed speakers without sacrificing clarity. Your car’s radio has a small built in amplifier that does not produce a lot of power. Better speakers require more power to run efficiently and an amplifier provides that power.

While most people think power is only needed for volume, excess power is also needed to accurately recreate fast transients such as a cymbal crash or other dynamic change in sound output. Without enough amplifier power, the signal is clipped resulting in distortion.

MTX Car Amplifier Series Overview

  • TH Series - Our most popular amplifiers offering an excellent combination of power and performance with the features and price to match.
  • THUNDER Series - Deliver high power in a small chassis allowing them to power most speakers and subwoofers where amplifier mounting space is limited.
  • XTHUNDER Series - Due out soon, this new series is designed with one goal: provide high power to your high performance SuperWoofers and high end speakers.

Car Audio Amplifier Series

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