For 40 years, MTX has delivered durable, high fidelity car speakers that make even the daily drive come alive.

MTX car speakers provide industry leading sound quality that lasts for years. Your music just keeps rockin'...

Why should I upgrade my speakers?

Speakers are responsible for delivering all of the mid and high frequency sounds from your radio, CD player, Smartphone, etc.…

Most car manufacturers use lower quality parts in the speakers they include with your vehicle. Aftermarket speakers offer higher power handling and better construction which both translate to a better music listening experience. Coaxials, separates, tweeters, and mid range drivers are all available and can cater to a user’s specific music preference and listening style.

MTX Car Speaker Series Overview

  • Signature Series - High performance speakers designed to deliver audiophile level sound quality for discerning listeners.
  • THUNDER Components - Offer installation flexibility, higher power handling, and improved sound over other types of full range speakers.
  • THUNDER Coaxials - Full range speakers offer amazing sound quality and low frequency bass response.
  • RoadThunder Extreme - Designed to be loud.
  • Terminator - Combine high quality construction and excellent performance with economic value for replacing or upgrading factory speakers.

MTX Car Speaker Series

Signature Series Speakers

High end design, audiophile quality sound, and unique mounting options make the Signature Speakers an excellent choice for sound quality enthusiasts. We can go on all day telling you why we are the best and why you should use MTX audio, but you already know. Loyd Ivey the Founder of MTX is the GodFather of audio and has been in the Audio World for over 40 Years. With Loyd's Knowledge in the Car Audio industry, he has been "Serious About Sound" for many years, coming up with his own design and sound that he puts his Signature on .

We introduce to you the Signature Series Speakers that not only look Amazing, but Sound so clean and clear that you will never believe a speaker could have such technology and love of music designed into a speaker . Loyd puts his experience and knowledge into every one of his Audio Creations, but he has combined it all into the "Signature Series". 

If you want to BE LOUD, BE HEARD, and BE SEEN then let Loyd Ivey the "GODFATHER OF AUDIO" start your party!

Incredible Sound

Deliver precise sound reproduction and exceptional imaging.

High End Precision

Glass fiber cone, cast aluminum basket and Teteron tweeter designed for SQ systems.

Compact Crossover

Small form factor can be mounted anywhere. Prewired for easy connection.

THUNDER Component Speakers

MTX doesnt just make speakers that sound good in a soundlab. THUNDER Components sound "Badass" in your ride whatever it may be. Like all MTX Audio Products, the THUNDER Component Series brings the THUNDER to your car.

MTX Engineers, the best around, came up with a Speaker Series that keep dollars in your pocket book but still brings you awesome sounding components for your ride. The THUNDER Component Series is best used with external amplification to deliver unmatched low frequency reproduction and dazzling sound quality for all types of music. 

MTX Knows what "THUNDER" sounds like! Do you?

The Next Level

Improves any stock stereo to deliver a full-range sound experience.

Rich Full Range

Best full range sound reproduction in their class. Great bass even without subwoofer.

Separate Tweeters

Tweeters can be flush or surface mounted with swivel for imaging control.

THUNDER Coaxial Speakers

The Thunder Coaxials offer unbeatable performance for the price in their class. They provide outstanding low frequency reproduction, easy installation, and are great as factory replacements with or without an additional amplifier.

While no car speaker can produce bass like a subwoofer, these speakers truly shine in the lower frequencies. The THUNDER Series Coaxial offers it all. You will have incredibly clear response with the built-in tweeter, and plenty of Low THUNDER response from this speaker's Polypropylene cone. The rubber surround will shrug off the weather and wear that come with living in your car full-time. 

Ready for an easy install speaker with an Awesome Price? Then let the "THUNDER ROLL" with the THUNDER Coaxial Series.

Subwoofer Not Required

Designed to play more low frequencies than the other guys so you get great bass even without a dedicated subwoofer.

Shallow Mounting Depth

Greater install possibilities. Many models to choose from with depths as shallow as 1.5".

Pivoting Tweeter

Omni directional 15 degree pivoting tweeter (select models)

RoadThunder Extreme Speakers

Are you looking to play your music loud? If so, then you'll want to have the Road THUNDER Extreme Series, which use PA System Technology to bring concert level sounds to your ride. Professional style bullet tweeters and midbass drivers designed to deliver exceptional volume and frequency response. And, Believe us- this incredibly efficient series will give you PLENTY OF VOLUME if you feed it with some SERIOUS POWER!


Compliment Heavy Bass

High output midrange and high frequency deliver full range sound in systems with multiple subwoofers.

Perfect for Any Music

Wide frequency response is perfect for any music. Hear all the detail the artist intended.

Fully Configurable

Single 8Ω voice coils allow for multiple speakers to be used on each channel.

High SPL at Any Power

High efficiency means high output with any amplifier.

Terminator Speakers

Terminator Speakers are perfect for upgrading blown factory speakers or for use with source-unit amplification. The Terminator Series has been around for many years and has been TERMINATING the scene with some of the best factory replacement designs. With the New Teriminator Series, we have made a better factory replacemtent speaker at a low price that wont hurt your pocket. 

MTX: Terminating the Scene for over 40 Years...

Affordable Upgrade

Great way to quickly upgrade your factory stereo.

Flexible Design

Standard speaker sizes with 2" - 3" mounting depth. Coaxials and separates available.

MTX Reliability

Polypropylene cones and Mylar tweeters are durable time-tested technology.

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