MTX Car Subwoofers... Famous for Thundering Bass

For over 40 years, MTX has delivered awesome car subwoofers to the world. MTX is home to the outrageous RFL, the Thunder 9500, the Black Gold, the Blue Thunder and the Eliminator subwoofer families. Now welcome our new Superwoofers... the new 75 and 95 Series! You will be impressed.

What is a subwoofer

A car subwoofer (or car sub) is a speaker designed to reproduce the low music frequencies (bass). The typical frequency range of consumer subwoofers is roughly 20-200 hertz. Car subwoofers are often paired with high frequency (tweeters) and mid-range speakers in a car to play back the entire range of music as it was originally recorded.

Why do I need a car subwoofer?

The human ear detects a wide range of frequencies from high to low. many speakers cannot reproduce the entire range. This is one of the reasons why most stereos do not reproduce the same quality, volume and depth of sound you hear in concert.

Just like a subwoofer in your home theater system brings your movies to life with deep bass you can feel as well as hear, a car subwoofer does the same thing for your music.

Whether you want to feel the bass drum from your favorite rock band or provide the music for a block party, MTX has a subwoofer solution for you.

MTX Car Subwoofer Series Comparisons

  • Jackhammer - The world's largest production subwoofer (over 400 lbs).
  • 95 Series - The best! Our new Superwoofers with industry leading cooling and control to make this series unmatched in the industry for both SPL and sound quality.
  • 75 Series - Part of our new Superwoofer profile(with 95 Series) designed for maximum SPL and sound quality too.
  • 55 Series - An excellent mix of performance and value for people that want to add extreme bass to their system.
  • 35 Series - Economically priced subwoofers that deliver very impressive bass.
  • FPR Shallow - Offers both the convenience of a patented shallow mount design with awesome low frequency bass output.
  • Terminator - Traditional design for enthusiasts that want to give their audio system's bass a big boost.

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MTX Car Subwoofer Series

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