FPR Series FPR12-04 12" 400W RMS 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Subwoofer

12 Inch Shallow Car Subwoofer
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Manufacturer: MTX Audio
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Many vehicles today have limited space. Having a large enclosure to get the bass you want may not fit your lifestyle. Limited space has traditionally meant limited options for those who want loud, clear music. Not anymore!

Engineered for Better Sound

The FPR Series shallow mount subwoofers are designed to deliver true subwoofer sound in a form that has a mounting depth of 3.325". MTX engineers recognized that there are scenarios where you just can't fit a full size subwoofer like behind the seat in a pickup truck, in convertibles, in the trunk with golf bags, strollers, or whatever other assorted goodies we drive around with. Other shallow mount subwoofers in the market are not able to deliver true subwoofer performance, they are more like midbass drivers, unable to play those truly low notes that make owning a subwoofer fun. The result of this research is the patented One Piece Spider Cone Assembly design that delivers true subwoofer performance in an ultra compact design.

Key Features

  • Patented Design
  • Optimized for Sealed Enclosures
  • 0.75 cu ft Air Space Required
  • 400W RMS Power

The Design

The FPR is a patented and unique in that the cone is attached directly to the spider. This design allows the spider to better control the cone movement especially its one way motion, Xmax. The angled design of the basket allows the cone to travel farther than a conventional subwoofer which would be limited by the spider's connection to the basket. Additionally, the cone utilizes a curved design where it connects to the surround. This not only advantageous as it more easily connects to the spider but it also increases the surface diameter of the cone. The increased Xmax and surface diameter gained as a result of the design allow the subwoofer to move more air and generate higher SPL.

Thermal Management

The FPR subwoofer uses two design elements to regulate the high temperatures generated at the voice coil. Like other MTX subwoofers the FPR series uses the mechanical cooling process, Spider Plateau Venting, to continually circulate air to the voice coil eliminating distortion resulting from excessive temperatures. Additionally, the aluminum dustcap in the cone connects directly to the voice coil and transfers heat away from the voice coil further ensuring reliability and sound quality.

Subwoofer Wiring

Learn how to properly wire your subwoofers with this easy subwoofer wiring diagram tool.

Speaker Impedance
Patented Flat Piston Design
True Subwoofer Low Frequency Performance
Spider Plateau Venting Mechanical Cooling Process Targets Cool Air at the Voice Coil
Extended Xmax for Increased Volume Displacement
High Roll Surround Increases Surface Diameter for Greater Volume Displacement
RMS Power (Watts) 400
Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 200 - 400
Peak Power (Watts) 800
Frequency Response 22Hz - 150Hz
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 83.0dB
Voice Coil 1.75" (4.45 cm)
Magnet Weight 53 oz.
Mounting Depth 3.325"
Cut Out Diameter 11.06"
Volume Displacement (cu in) 43.03 cu in
Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 0.75 cu ft
Vented Enclosure Net Volume Not Recommended
Tech Data Sheet FPR12-04 Tech Data Sheet.pdf
50Hz Frequency Test Tone 50Hzmp3.zip
50Hz Test Tone 50Hz.mp3

Introduction to FPR Series Subwoofers

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