Margaritaville Audio Margarita Lime

We sat around the blender all afternoon past 5 in the lab just to get the color mix right!


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The Sound of Paradise

Seriously, do you think we wouldn’t include a Margarita lime model? We sat around the blender all afternoon past 5 in the lab just to get the color mix right! In fact, we ran out of tequila several times- talk about being dedicated to a project! Did you know the exact color of virgin margarita mix is Pantone 374C? Again, the engineers at MTX nailed this one capturing the true “spirit” and exact color of this model. Please note putting a rim of salt on your headphones is NOT recommended.

Daisy Chain

Designed for easy shared listening experience. Your Headphone has a jack on either side. Pick which side you want your audio device plugged into, and then plug another pair of headphones into the other side. We even give you an extra cord! Sharing is Caring!

Green Daisy Chain

Drawstring Pouch

A double compartment microfiber lined pouch to protect your headphones and extra cords for your on-the-go lifestyle. Also included is a carabiner clip to secure your headphones to your person!

Made for Apple Mic

Pause, play and adjust volume. Take a call. The mic and remote control in these "buddies" are fully compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, all iPad models, iPod touch (2nd gen+), iPod nano (4th gen+), and iPod Classic (120/160GB).

Green Bullet

Precision Audio

Real bass in a headphone.... Novel concept? Sure, when you have headphones being designed by celebrities. In True MTX style we had ours designed by audio engineers who actually know something about bass. And it Shows!

Green Bottom

Bass Drivers

These headphones include an incredible 40mm driver in each ear-cup allowing them to deliver exceptional full range sound including the bass that most headphones can't deliver. Talk about a Paradisial Experience!


We are so confident in the quality of these headphones that we give you a 30 day money back guarantee along with a 1 year warranty! Buying with confidence never sounded better!


Sensitivity: 113dB (1W/1m)

Impedance: 32Ω

Frequency Response: 10Hz-25kHz


Width: 5.8in

Height: 8.1in

Length: 3.5in

Weight: 1.8lbs

Made for AppleĀ® Mic/Remote Control
Audio Compatible with Most Devices
Daisy Chain Capability, no Y Adaptor Necessary
Includes Protective, Drawstring Carrying Case
Tangle Resistant Cable
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 113dB
Frequency Response 10Hz - 25kHz
Owners Manual iX1 Owners Manual.pdf
iX1 Review by Reno Radio DJ "Boogie" Reno Radio DJ Boogie iX1 Review.mp3
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