RoadThunder Extreme RTX88 8" 150W RMS 8 Ohm Midbass Driver

8" 150W RMS 8 Ohm Midbass Driver
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MTX Road Thunder Extreme speakers are designed to provide maximum levels of SPL for people that really want to be heard.

The RTX88 an 8" driver designed to specifically produce mid bass frequencies. This type of speaker is ideal for use in installations that include subs producing high amounts of low frequency bass. The midbass driver fills in the sound frequencies that the subwoofer does not, while not over burdening the high frequency drivers in the system by having them play lower frequencies they are not designed to produce.

The RTX88 features a highly efficient paper cone and large magnet attached to a stamped steel basket. The 150W RMS power handling ensures they will sound great with any amplifier power.

Compliment Heavy Bass

High output midrange and high frequency deliver full range sound in systems with multiple subwoofers.

Perfect for Any Music

Wide frequency response is perfect for any music. Hear all the detail the artist intended.

Fully Configurable

Single 8Ω voice coils allow for multiple speakers to be used on each channel.

High SPL at Any Power

High efficiency means high output with any amplifier.

High Efficiency Treated Paper Cone
High Sensitvity for High SPL
Single 8Ω Impedance Voice Coil
RMS Power (Watts) 150
Peak Power (Watts) 300
Frequency Response 82Hz - 6kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 94.0dB
Cone Material Treated Paper
Grille Included No
Woofer Mounting Depth 2.95"
Crossover NA
Tweeter Mounting Depth NA
Tweeter Cut-out Diameter NA
Adjustable Tweeter Level NA
Woofer Off Axis Compensation NA
Tweeter Mounting Options NA
1kHz mp3 Frequency Test Tone
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