Signature Series SS5 5.25" 125W RMS 2-Way Component Speaker Pair

Car Speakers:

The Signature Series

Audiophile-grade component car speakers

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Every vehicle has full range speakers, the drivers that produce the majority of the sound you hear when listening to music in your car. Surprisingly there is a huge difference in the sound quality that one speaker can deliver versus another. The Signature Series is a speaker pair that sets itself apart from other full range speakers. They have been designed and engineered to deliver precise sound reproduction and exceptional imaging to provide the perfect listening stage in any vehicle.

MTX AudioSignature Series: Why Its The Best

  • High Efficiency Glass Fiber Cone
  • Cast Aluminum Basket
  • 1.5" High Temperature Voice Coil
  • Teteron Tweeter
  • Easy Install Crossover

High End Precision

The quality found in these speakers starts with their construction. From the basket to the voice coil to the cone, these speakers use the highest end materials, after all you can't expect great sound from inferior materials. The cast aluminum basket not only reduces resonance created from reverberation of the sound waves in the mounting space, but it also does double duty as a heat sink absorbing hot air generated in the voice coil and moving away from the motor structure. The glass fiber cone has an excellent stiffness to weight ratio enabling them to produce high output on lower power.

Teteron Tweeter

The teteron tweeter is designed to deliver high quality, high frequency sound reproduction wherever it is mounted. Additionally, teteron is water resistant so they can be confidently mounted in door panels or A pillars without fear of damage from moisture. A 1.5" voice coil is able to handle high power efficiently and reduces distortion at high levels for crisp, clear sound even at high levels.

MTX Signature Series Speaker Crossover Mounted Inside Door Panel

Compact Crossover Mounts Anywhere

The included crossover uses a very small form factor allowing it to be mounted virtually anywhere. The crossover is prewired for easy connection to both the woofer and the tweeter cutting down on installation time. The crossover features multiple external mounting locations where screws or zip ties can be used to secure it in place. Additionally, the unit features a threaded rear insert allowing for blind mounting of the crossover behind a door panel where it is out of the way.

The SS5 is a 5.25" component speaker pair that has 4Ω impedance and is capable of handling up to 125 watts RMS power. Get ready to rock...

High Efficiency Glass Fiber Cone
Cast Aluminum Basket
1.5" High Temperature Voice Coil
Easy Install Crossover
Teteron Tweeter
RMS Power (Watts) 125
Peak Power (Watts) 250
Frequency Response 40Hz - 30kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 84.9dB
Cone Material Glass Fiber
Voice Coil 1.5"
Woofer Mounting Depth 2.83"
Woofer Cut Out Diameter 4.63"
Tweeter Mounting Depth 1"
Tweeter Cut-out Diameter 1.88"
Tweeter Mounting Options Flush, Surface, Angle
Crossover 2kHz, 12dB/Oct, HP/LP
Adjustable Tweeter Level 0, -3dB
Install Sheet MTX004751 SS5 Install Sheet.pdf
1kHz mp3 Frequency Test Tone
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