75 Series Subwoofers

Performance for SPL or SQ
The 75 Series Subwoofer is the next evolution in high performance car subwoofers from MTX Audio. This car subwoofer series incorporates new technologies that way outperform the competition.

The 75 Series family is available in 15" and 12" subwoofer models that feature either dual 4Ω or dual 2Ω voice coil configurations and are capable of handling up to 750W RMS power.

Technology features include:
  • Inverted Apex Surround Increases Surface Area and Xmax Resulting in the Most SPL Per Sub Diameter. Read more about this huge advantage!
  • 2-Layer Thermal Management to Ensure the Subwoofers Reliability Under Continuous Loud Play Without Distortion.
    • Spider Plateau Venting Mechanical Cooling Technology
    • Integrated T-Yoke Heatsink Dissipates Heat from the Voice Coil
  • High Efficiency Glass Fiber Cone
  • 2.5" Voice Coil
  • Cast Aluminum Basket Reduce Resonance
  • 8 AWG Compression Terminals Make Connections Easy

SuperWoofer 75 Series 7512-44 12 inch 750W RMS Dual 4 Ohm Car Audio Subwoofer

Our 75 Series SuperWoofer has been known for being extremely reliable while it rocks like nobody's business...one of the best in the market. We stepped it up a few notches and have now brought the 75 Series back. Just like the 95 Series, the 75 Series is a "GAME CHANGER" in the SPL world. And sound quality is uncomparable, exceeded by only the MTX 95 Series.

MTX 75 Series Subwoofer Side ViewIf you compete and want a SuperWoofer that's not only affordable, but reliable, and has been engineered by some of the best in the manufacturing world then get ready to... "PUT SOME THUNDER IN YOUR DOME"!

The 7512-44 SuperWoofer

This 7512-44 is a 12 inch diameter, dual voice coil, 4 ohm SuperWoofer built on the MTX tradition of getting more than expected.

Inverted Apex Surround Spider Plateau Venting Progressive Suspension

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