Ten Best MTX.com Highlights

We redesigned MTX.com to be more fun, more informative, more engaging and better at listening to you our fans. Tell us what you want and need from MTX, and share your MTX stories!


  1. The site is responsive to work better on tablets and smart phones. Forty percent of you access MTX.com that way.
  2. We know you are busy, so we sped up your path through the site with features like complete menus, better search, product quick view, a speedy-access shopping cart and one page checkout.


  1. Our many product groupings and families can be filtered to show you the combinations of attributes like price, subwoofer diameter, impedance and so on, to help you quickly identify your options.
  2. We added a Wishlist so you can store your favorites and send them to Santa Claus.
  3. Socially share a product with your buddies, review the products to help fellow shoppers, and make use of reviews to help decide your best values.


  1. We added a Community Support forum to help answer questions for many others to find.
  2. We started rebuilding our library to thoroughly cover audio education, tips and installation resources.


  1. We started our blog to better express the “Voice” of our many industry experts, sharing their thoughts, opinions and recommendations with you. We hope you will comment back to share your thoughts as well. The audio industry, MTX and our fans all benefit from  good discussion.
  2. We are sharing pics and videos of the many exciting events our Team MTX participates in each year from CES to the Baja 1000!
  3. Our Dealers have an all new web area to get more closely involved in sharing the business of serving MTX fans with great products.
  4. Sign up for our MTX Update email newsletter offering how-tos, tips, specials, videos, announcements and much more.

Coming Soon

  1. Hall of Fame – Find old product information and share in a pictorial tour of our fun MTX history.
  2. My Ride – We are moving our popular customer installation posting area to the new site!

Ok, we had more than ten best website features. We completely redesigned MTX.com to help you find everything you need to better enjoy your music everywhere you go. Look around and see for yourself!

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