Polaris RZR 170 Build Part 3

Progress continues on our new toy. Subwoofer enclosure is built, parts have gone to powder coat, and it is really coming together.

Subwoofer Enclosure Frame  Subwoofer Enclosure After Fiberglass  Subwoofer Enclosure After Paint  Front End with Light Upgrade  Powder Coated Parts 

Polaris RZR 170 Build Part 2

Progress is continuing on our Polaris 170 project. It may be little but this is going to pack a punch. We had to upgrade it to a dual battery system to deliver the power necessary to run the audio system. We are also creating fiberglass speaker pods and dashboard as well as adding beautiful new wheels and tires to make this 170 extreme enough to be a MTX Ground Pounder. This machine is going to be fun! Stay tuned for audio install pics as we wrap up the rest of the body details.

New Brush Guard  Dual Battery Install  New Dashboard  Speaker Kick Pods  New Wheels and Tires

Polaris RZR 170 Build

So we are lucky enough to be at it again. We have been able to build an awesome version of the RZR1000 and Sportsman ACE with incredible sound and now we are putting together a junior version using the RZR 170. This vehicle presents some significant challenges as it is much smaller than the RZR1000 and doesnt have the same fit and finishes. No matter, our fabrication experts are tearing it down to build it up making sure it stays true to its RZR roots while still delivering the exceptional MTX boom. Stay tuned for more pictures and info as this project comes alive.

RZR 170 New in Shop  RZR 170 Getting Dismantled  RZR 170 Totally Dismantled  RZR 170 with RZR1000 Doors  RZR 170 with RZR 900 Dash Modification 

MUD Amp and Wakeboard Speaker UTV Install

In this video Jason illustrates how easy it is to install a MUD100.2 amplifier with two TM652WB wakeboard speakers. Both of these products are designed to be all weather so they are perfect for use on a vehicle like a UTV that is constantly going to be exposed to the outdoors.

MTX at Polaris Proving Grounds

MTX had the chance to be present at the Polaris Proving Grounds and Test Track over the last few days as part of Polaris' 60th Anniversary dealer event held in Minnesota this week. Polaris unveiled some awesome new stereo parts manufactured by MTX Audio including a new RZR roof featuring integrated speakers, bluetooth source unit, high power LED lighting, and oversized dry box as well as an upgraded subwoofer package as part of the existing RZR three piece audio upgrade. MTX also had their Grounder Pounder RZR and Ground Pounder ACE vehicles on hand at the proving grounds where dealers got to experience the awesome power of an MTX audio system. All new Polaris MTX audio components are available from your local authorized Polaris dealer.

New Polaris MTX RZR Roof Upgrade    Polaris MTX RZR Roof On Display   MTX Ground Pounder RZR at Polaris Dealer Event


Dealers Checking out the MTX Polaris ACE    Polaris Dealers with Ground Pounder RZR



Subwoofer Surrounds: The Inverted Apex Advantage
MTX Inverted Apex Surround Animation

MTX Inverted Apex Surround

Traditional Half-Roll Surround Animation

Traditional Half Roll Surround

All MTX car subwoofers are now designed using a high performance, Inverted Apex Surround design. The surround is the material around the cone that connects to the basket allowing the cone to move up and down from its rest position in proportion to the voice coil travel.

Working similarly to the way an accordion compresses, the Inverted Apex Surround is built to fold in at the edges when de-energized, but still extending up or down as the music plays.

Most subwoofers use the traditional half-roll surround where the cone surface is attached to the basket with material wrapped in a single half circle. The circumference of the half circle provides the length available to extend the cone up or down as the circle straightens, moving the cone surface up and down to generate sound waves.

The Inverted Apex Surround design uses four folds using less space around the cone compared to the half-roll design. This surround construction provides the same extension distance in half of the width used by a half-roll surround.

The Inverted Apex Surround design provides two significant advantages over traditional, half-roll surround designs:

  • More Volume (SPL)
    • The volume of sound (Sound Pressure Level) is proportional to the volume of air moved per subwoofer cycle and the volume of air moved is a result of the one-way extension measurement (typically Xmax) times the cone surface area (proportional to usable diameter).
    • The Inverted Apex Surround increases the cone surface area by using about half the diameter of surround width.
    • SPL is increased per a given subwoofer diameter.
    • The Inverted Apex Surround moves symmetrically through both positive and negative cycles.

Subwoofer SPL Calculation

  • Music Sounds Better
    • Half roll surrounds have an inherent “snap-through” distortion that occurs in the surround due to the physics of its action. (See the wrinkles in the animation)
    • Better construction methods and materials can limit this distortion but the Inverted Apex Surround eliminates this problem, resulting in better sound quality.
    • non symmetric  motion control

The MTX engineering team works on constant development of material construction techniques to overcome this complex linearization process, so you get extremely accurate music reproduction while still maximizing SPL.


MTX at Ice Thunder - Michigan Tech

Wednesday, 19 February 2014



For the third year in a row Michigan Tech University created the COOLEST HOT music party in the snow!

Each year the students of Michigan Tech University make all sorts of snow sculptures to celebrate the Winter Carnival. The highlight of the past years Carnivals was the ICETHUNDER sculpture. This year was no exception!

And we all know the word THUNDER stands for MTX Audio products.

What better way to get your self warmed up during a cold snow covered winter night than to dance to the hottest sounds coming from the worlds coolest audio system. For the third time the ICETHUNDER snow sculpture was created to not only demonstrate what cool stuff you can do with snow but also to show how MTX loudspeakers and subwoofers can perform during, and with stand, the most extreme environmental conditions.

In addition to the MTX square subs used to shake the winter landscape, the RTX ROADTHUNDER Extreme series loudspeakers made their debute to deliver the mid and highrange frequencies. Needless to say the sounds created by the DJ never before were so well balanced and so crispy clear coming from the MTX ICETHUNDER soundstage.


Car Subwoofers: SPL or SQ?

A common buzzword used in the car audio world is car subwoofer SQ or Sound Quality. SQ is much more difficult to quantify than say, SPL, the sound pressure level (the boom in subwoofer). Although there is no hard spec that identifies SQ, it is always good to talk about sound quality in a car sub.MTX 95 Series Car Subwoofer

If we define subwoofer SQ as the accurate reproduction of the low frequency (bass) signal input to the low frequency (bass) output, there are big differences from one sub to another. Generally, more expensive subwoofers are built with better voice coil control, among other features, that improves the sound by reducing distortion and reproducing the input signal more accurately. And note that this control becomes more difficult as the music is played at higher volumes.

Some subs are designed and/or tuned with enclosure design, to achieve more SPL even at the sacrifice of SQ. Some customers don’t worry about sound quality, only that their subs rattle neighborhood windows, and more power to them. But what about enthusiasts that want their music to sound like the original even at high volumes?

If the “SQ car subwoofer” is meant to be superior in sound quality, then voice coil control is an important factor to evaluate. Controlling the voice coil attached to the cone to accurately follow the tiniest input signal differences and the most dynamic signal changes makes the difference in music clarity and quality. It means your music sounds as the artist intended with nothing being lost.

And if the subwoofer is not designed well, distortion, aka noise, can be introduced into the music that further degrades the quality of the original.

MTX Audio knows car subwoofers. We have designed some of the most iconic models ever released. Competitors around the world have won numerous competitions based on SPL and SQ using MTX subwoofers. We are introducing our new 95 Series ‘Superwoofers’.If there ever was a subwoofer that could be called both a superior SPL sub and a superior SQ sub, this is the design.

Measuring SPL and SQ?

These are tricky specs to measure in any fashion since enclosure and vehicle type vary so differently from one system to the next. There are many variables to figure into the equation. But we welcome honest tests where the environment is identical and measurements are accurate. We feel confident you will be impressed with MTX.

So is it useful to talk about SQ versus SPL subwoofers? Yes, sound quality is important. Your ears literally get tired listening to distorted music. And the bass instruments and reverberations just don’t sound as crisp or hard hitting as the original performance. That’s not good. And the best subwoofers can hold control even at loud volume. That is why great musicians spend a lot of dollars on their concert speakers.

So whether you are into SPL or not, SQ is something to pay attention to as you choose a car subwoofer. There is no spec that will you tell which sub has better SQ than another, but pay attention to subwoofer technologies that can help predict performance before you make your decision.

Polaris ACE Final Update
MTX Polaris ACE 570 Custom Audio Layout

So after a couple of solid weeks working extremely hard the ACE is finally done and ready to debut at the Mud Nationals next week. This thing turned out way meaner that even I thought it was going to be. Who would have thought you could put this much audio onto an ATV style machine? Great job to our master craftsmen on delivering a product that everyone is going to be excited about. Can't wait to see some video from Mud Nationals that shows off just how loud this little machine is. Make sure you come by the Polaris booth at the show to see both the RZR1000 Ground Pounder and this new ACE for yourself. Final audio product list for the build: (3) MUD100.2 amplifiers, (2) WET500.1 amplifiers, (2) 5510-44 subwoofers, (2) WET65-W coaxial speakers, (4) WET77-W coaxial speakers, and (1) ZN1-1FD capacitor plus a bunch of other items including dual XS Power batteries, colored LEDs and a Polaris source unit and winch. Check out these pictures of the finished pieces.

ACE with Seat and Enclosures Installed    Overhead Enclosure with Speakers Mounted    Enclosure and Rear Roll Cage Installed

Custom Front Scoop and Speaker Pods    Completed ACE Ready to Be Loaded for Mud Nationals

Polaris RZR1000 MTX Audio Promo Video