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Amp Grounding

3 years ago
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Where do I ground my amp?
3 years ago
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<p>Amp grounds should be grounded on the floor of the vehicle into scratched shiny metal using self tapping screws and a star washer. Always check for any obstructions below where you are drilling. NEVER use factory seat bolts as they are not good for electrical connections. It would be ideal if all your grounds were located in the same location. Sometimes that is not an available option. When grounding your amp use as short a piece of cable as you can. The longer the ground, the more resistance there will be as well as unwanted noise. Also make sure you are using the appropriate gauge of wire for your ground. It should be the same size wire as your power wire. Some of the main causes of amplifier failure are bad grounds and bad grounding locations. A properly grounded amplifier will deliver the power and give you clean, noise free audio for a long time.</p>
3 years ago
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is it better to run a ground right to the battery if possible?
2 years ago
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<p>the best ground location will be the neg battery post.if you cannot run to the battery post then the next best location will be the floor pan of the vehicle. DO NOT use and factory bolts or screws. USE your own screws and star washer, scratch away all paint as well. CHECK before drilling for any gas tank, lines or wiring.</p>