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Amp kits

3 years ago
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What amp kit do I need to use?
3 years ago
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Your amp size will determine the amp kit needed.  500w or less an 8 AWG kit will work, 500-1200w a 4 AWG kit will work.  Anything over 1200w use a minimum of a 1/0 AWG kit. The quality of the wire will also affect the performance of the system. Our ZN5 kits are 100% oxygen free copper (OFC) which will pass the highest amount of current and have an ultra flex jacket that make it easy to manipulate, ZN3 kits use a blend of OFC and copper clad aluminum this gives you a lower cost but doesn't pass as much power, and ZN1 kits are only copper clad aluminum which gives you the best price but you will sacrifice some performance,