Thursday, March 23, 2017 1:23:54 AM

subs turing on and off

3 years ago
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i have 2 8000 series 12" subs and when i play them for about 15 min they will then stop playing for about 2 minutes and then play for about another 12 min then stop for about 2 more minutes.  i have the alpine mrx-m110 amp and it is about 1month old.  what is happening with my subs?  the amp does not turn off when the subs stop.
3 years ago
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<p>The amp doesnt turn off but does it go into protection? Unhook the subs from the amp and using a digital multi meter test the ohms on the subwoofers. Lets make sure you didnt blow a sub.</p>
3 years ago
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the amp does seem to go into protect mode.  i checked my subs and i think i have a bad coil.  one is reading 1.8ohm and the other is reading about 29.  the second sub is reading 1.8 on each coil so that should be ok.   i do have dual 2ohm subs so i guess i will purchase a new sub when i can.