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whining noise when my car is on

3 years ago
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i recently installed a 4-ch and sub amp into my car and i now have a whining noise whenever my car is on.  it gets louder when i accelerate.  also it only comes out of the front speakers.  it is not there when my car is off.  my ground is about 8" long and goes to the floor of the trunk and is scratched, shiny metal using my own screws and star washer.  power and signal wires are ran on different sides of the car.  what can i do to fix my audio.  its loud like i like it but i do not like the whine.  please help me!!

my stereo setup:
Kenwood excelon KDC-X597 (replaced the excelon KDC-X395)
MTX Thunder 75.4
Alpine MRX-110
MTX TX6 components
Kicker CS693 rear speakers
MTX Thunder 8000 subs 12"x2
StreetWires ZN5 power wires
StreetWires ZN5 RCA cables

all installed in a 2001 Toyota Camry
3 years ago
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<p>A few things to check are going to be the gain settings on the amp. Remember the gain in not a volume control it is a sensitivity control. Matching the output voltage of you deck to your amplifier. With that being said if it is too high it will pick up a wine or hiss. Another thing to check is your RCAs. Switch the front channel RCAs to the back channel do you still get your whine? If an RCA is pinched or damaged/bad it can cause interference like that as well.</p>
3 years ago
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jason, thanks for the tips.  when i get home tonight i will try out your tips to see if it will fix my stereo.
3 years ago
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finally got around to check out my stereo.  turns out my gain was to high and the rca was loose at the amp.  thanks for help.