Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:47:13 AM

T/S Parameters? Owner's Manual?

2 years ago
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Getting used  to the new website format has taken a little bit of work. Too much work. There's a tab for "Specifications" but they're very generic specs.

Where does one find the nitty gritty specs like the Thiele/Small parameters, woofer material, voice coil material & diameter, basket construction, etc., etc.

2 years ago
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There should be another tab for "support files" where you can download the data sheet for the subwoofer.  It gives detailed T/S parameters as well as recommended sealed/ported enclosure specs.
2 years ago
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<p>The site has changed a lot over the last months. what subs were you looking for the T/S parameters on?</p>
2 years ago
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Need some specs too, T6104AR, trying to make a new box, need sealed or ported specs.
2 years ago
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and yes I think a database for info like this isn't too much to ask for on a site, I still think the old speakers are still the best, if I could find another OG BlueThunder I would rock that instead, had one  sub and a pair of separates years ago and loved the sound.  
2 years ago
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<p>give us a call at 1-800-225-5689 or email us at and we can get you the specs needed for the sub you are using.</p>
2 years ago
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There is no "sub your using". I don't buy speakers I can't find specs for.
2 years ago
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Case in point, the RTL15-04 15" RoadThunder is one of the items that's included in the "Weekly Deals", but there are no T/S parameters to be found.

Is it a good deal at under $60? Maybe, but without knowing the spec's it's as much of a gamble as placing a $60 bet on red or black on a roulette wheel.
2 years ago
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I don't buy subs without T/S parameters either.
2 years ago
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the parameters do play a role in the sound of the speaker but do not speak to the actual quality of the material used in the speaker. i understand that t/s parameters are needed but show no information on the build quality of said speaker.