For 40 years, MTX has delivered durable, high fidelity car speakers that make even the daily drive come alive.

MTX car speakers provide industry leading sound quality that lasts for years and delivers outstanding performance.

Why Should I Upgrade My Speakers?

Speakers are responsible for delivering all of the mid and high frequency sounds from your radio, CD player, Smartphone, etc.…

Most car manufacturers use lower quality parts in the speakers they include with your vehicle. Aftermarket speakers offer higher power handling and better construction which both translate to a better music listening experience. Coaxials, separates, tweeters, and mid range drivers are all available and can cater to a user’s specific music preference and listening style.

How Do I Choose the Right Speaker for Me?

There are many speaker choices available but answering a few questions can help you make the right choice for you.

  • Choose the size that is right for your vehicle. - Every car manufacturer uses different size speakers in different models. Use the vehicle fit guide located in the upper left part of this page to input your vehicle and we will tell you what size speaker(s) are right for you.
  • Are you going to use an amplifier? - If you plan on using an amplifier with the speakers then you will want to choose speakers whose RMS power rating match the output power of the amplifier at the same impedance. Higher powe speakers will be louder and have less distortion at high volume.
  • Coaxial or Component? - Coaxial speakers feature a woofer and tweeter on the same speaker. These are generally what are installin in base factory systems. Only problem is most of the vocals in your music are produced by the tweeter and most factory mounting locations are in the bottom of the door so they can be hard to hear. Component speakers use a separate woofer and tweeter where the tweeter can be mounted closer to the listener. This may take some vehicle modification to install if your vehicle does not have component speakers currently.

Read more at MTX Audio Car Speaker Installation & Mounting.

MTX Car Speaker Series Overview

  • Signature Series - High performance speakers designed to deliver audiophile level sound quality for discerning listeners.
  • THUNDER Components - Offer installation flexibility, higher power handling, and improved sound over other types of full range speakers.
  • THUNDER Coaxials - Full range speakers offer amazing sound quality and low frequency bass response.
  • RoadThunder Extreme - Designed to be loud.
  • Terminator - Combine high quality construction and excellent performance with economic value for replacing or upgrading factory speakers.


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Audiophile Design for SQ Enthusiasts

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Bring the THUNDER

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Outstanding Sound Quality

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Perfect for Factory Upgrade

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Pro Performance

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Traditional Sound

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Great Deals On Limited Quantities