TE601FPRPKG 800W RMS Dual 12 inch Patented Shallow Subwoofer, Thunder Elite Amplifier, and Unloaded Enclosure Bass Package

800W Thunder Elite Subwoofer Package

This bass package is an excellent choice for the heavy audio enthusiast that wants to use top of the line equipment.

Elite MTX Amplifier

The TE601D incorporates a number of patented technologies to deliver an exceptional listening experience. Integrated technologies include patented Adaptive Class D design that reduces interference making for a better listening experience, Intelligent Surface Mount Technology that resists vibrations and ensures longevity, and Smart Engage auto turn on circuitry that enable the amplifier to be easily connected to a factory radio.

Awesome FPR Subs

The FPR Series subwoofers utilize a patented shallow mount design that enables them to play as low as a full size subwoofer in a much smaller space, 3.325" deep. These subwoofers can move an incredible amount of air and play into the low 20Hz range ensuring you hear all of the lowest bass notes in your music.

$1,399.60 $932.97