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CTD SUB8 Low Profile 8 inch Powered Home Theater Subwoofer

This powerful eight inch subwoofer can rattle the windows with its superb low frequency response.

Feel Bass Without Seeing the Sub

The CTDSUB8 has a low profile design that makes it ideal for use behind couches, under tables, or otherwise out of sight so you can feel all the bass from your favorite music and movies without having to worry about where to put the subwoofer.

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    Thunder Bass

    Deep, rich sounding bass from an 8 inch low profile subwoofer

    Designed For Your Home

    Bring your music and movies alive like never before!

    Universal Compatibility

    Works with any audio system


    CTD SUB8 Highlights

    • Low Profile Design, Only 7" Height
    • Integrated 100-Watt RMS Amplifier
    • Low Distortion Woofer Delivers Optimal Sound Quality
    • High Level and Low Level Stereo Inputs
    • Side Firing Port
    • Variable Gain Adjustment
    • Variable Low Pass Filter 60Hz - 180Hz, 12dB/oct
    • Polarity Switch - 0°/180°
    • Line Output

    The CTDSUB8 powered subwoofer was created to meet the needs of customers with limited space or that don't want to a larger subwoofer enclosure taking up space as part of their home theater system. This subwoofer easily connects to any audio system using either the high or low level inputs.  The variable crossover allows the user to fine tune the sound to their taste and the side vent delivers exceptional bass for both music and movies, making listening a true life-like experience.

    Make your music and movies come alive with MTX Subwoofers

    • Low Profile Design
    • Integrated 100W RMS Power Amplifier
    • Low Distortion Woofer
    • Low and High Level Inputs
    • Variable Gain Adjustment
    • Variable Low Pass Filter 60Hz - 180Hz, 12dB/oct
    • Polarity Switch - 0°/180°
    • Side Firing Vent
    Subwoofer Size 8"
    Frequency Response 48Hz - 160Hz
    Low Pass Filter 60Hz - 160Hz, 18dB/oct
    Hi Pass Subsonic Filter 18dB/oct @ 30Hz
    Polarity Switch 0°/180°
    Height 7" (177.8mm)
    Width 23.75" (603.3mm)
    Depth 12.25" (311.2mm)
    Shipping Weight 20 lbs (9.1kg)