MTX StreetWires DBX30 Ring Terminal Input / 1/0 AWG 3 Out Distribution Block


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MTX Ring Terminal Input / 1/0 AWG 3 Out Distribution Block

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This StreetWires distribution block is designed to allow easy connection of one ring terminal on the input and includes three 1/0 AWG output terminals.

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MWA034 External Bass Control

MWA034 EBC for TA, TE, TC amps and amplified ThunderForms

External Bass Control for use with TA, TC, and TE Series Amplifiers as well as amplified ThunderForms.

MTX External Bass Controllers

MWA034 For TA, TC, TE, and MXA Series MTX amplifiers
MWA035 For older XThunder Series MTX amplifiers 1000XD, 600XD, 300XD, TH series monoblock amplifiers 1200.1d, 650.1d, 350.1d
MWA037 For RFL and JackHammer Series amplifiers
MWA039 For TD Series amplifiers
MWA040 For THUNDER and WET series amplifiers Thunder1000.1, Thunder500.1, Wet500.1 amps
XTL-EBC For the XTL110P amplified subwoofer enclosure

See more information about External Bass Controllers at External / Remote Bass Controls.

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