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MUSICA502W 5.25 inch 45W RMS 8 Ohm In-Wall Loudspeaker

MUSICA502W 5.25" 45W RMS 8 Ohm In-Wall Loudspeaker

Versatile And Economical

Inexpensive high quality in wall speaker. The MTX MUSICA502W is an easy to install, paintable 2-way loudspeaker that can match any decor and bring brilliant sound to any room in your home. These speakers are capable of being used in both distributed audio systems as well as home theater applications.

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HT Series HT520BDP 5.25 inch 125W RMS In-Wall Surround Loudspeaker Pair

Home theater bi-pole/di-pole speakers perfect as rear surround sound

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MODEL 512C 5.25 inch 2-Way 30W RMS In-Ceiling Loudspeaker Pair

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