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MTX has an assortment of subwoofers available from older series but that are still backed by the MTX 2 year warranty.


T9500 Series T9515-44 15 inch 1000W RMS Dual 4 Ohm SuperWoofer

MTX Audio has single-handedly created the biggest boom in the history of bass - Thunder9500, the world's first SuperWoofer! Thunder9500 stretches the limits of SPL while still providing truly accurate music reproduction. In the simplest of terms, it's really loud and still sounds amazing.

  • Die Cast Aluminum Frame Construction for incredible strength and durability

  • Up to 3000 Watts Max Power Handling for amazing SPL levels with astonishing clarity

  • Up to 1" Xmax for massive Volume Displacement

  • Up to 260 oz. magnets that deliver incredible power

  • High Roll NBR Surround uses FEA optimized roll geometry to maximize excursion without sacrificing cone surface area

  • Expanded Poly Cone Dust Cap is injection molded, carbon filled, expanded polypropylene with aluminum deposition for dramatically increased stiffness/weight ratio

  • Stitched Cone for added durability and style

  • ALDS Asymmetrical Linear Drive System with a flat progressive spider and extended pole piece for smooth, linear, piston like drive

  • Up to 4" Voice Coils for high power handling and extreme excursion

  • Industry leading thermal power handling using 428°F High Temperature Flat Wound Aluminum Ribbon Wire

  • Industry leading Spider Plateau Venting cooling system cools at the voice coil

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