Marine Audio is designed for any environment where water, humidity, and element exposure can harm your system.

These tough MTX marine audio products work great mounted in all types of boats, personal watercraft, and any other vehicle that operates on water.

All MTX marine audio products are designed to be extremely weather resistant and durable in outdoor conditions. This enables you to not only get the high performance and awesome sound you associate with MTX, but also a durable design that allows you to enjoy your music season after season.

WET500.1 500W RMS Mono Block Class D Marine Amplifier

Make Your Own Waves

Wake Boat with MTX Audio

All-Weather Bass

WET Series amplifiers from MTX Audio are designed to deliver all the power your system needs whether they are being used on a boat or off-road vehcile.

The WET500.1 is a mono block subwoofer amplifier with an incredibly small chassis. This amp is capable of producing up to 500W RMS and features 2Ω stability, making it the perfect choice to run two of the WET series subwoofers.


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