MTX Margaritaville Audio MVASBBT1BLK Sport Buds - Black

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Weather Resistant Bluetooth Headphones
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    The Sound of Paradise

    What makes working out feel like paradise? Music! OK, we actually mean sound like paradise. But your every day earbuds just don’t fit the bill when it comes to working out or getting wet.. Margaritaville Audio Sport Buds are perfect for the gym, action sports, kayaking or even chillin’ on a float in the pool. With an IPX6 waterproof design and a patented fit to grip over the ear support, these buds aren’t falling off! Available in black & white w/lime, they are perfect all the time for Bluetooth Music or hands free calling. The side controls give you control & volume flexibility and a dynamic mic for phone clarity.  Rechargeable thru the mini USB port, these will last longer than your workout will. Compact, lightweight & balanced the design is both functional and stylish. Man those guys in the Margaritaville Audio “lab” really know what they are doing!


    Wireless Bluetooth Audio
    Sweat and Water Resistant (Rated IPX6)
    Mini USB Charging Port
    Easy Pairing Procedure
    Can Be Freely Adjusted for Different Head and Ear Shapes
    Tech Specs
    Bluetooth Version 4.1
    Charging Time Up to 2.5 Hours
    Support Files
    MVA005174 Sport Buds Owners Manual (2 pages) View | Download
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