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Way , WAY ! more than expected
I have had many subs from MTX . I have had many different subs in the 20+ years I have been installing and listening to Car Audio . I sold my old subs and amp , cause I was going to upgrade to something else . I do this every three or four years . Anyway I forgot how bad it was not to have subs and started to miss sub bass on my drives and in my favorite music . So I took a chance on these , just as a quick replacement without breaking the bank , until I decided what subs and amp I was going to get . Well let me say this combo package blew me away . I only took a chance on it because I had some Magnum subs back in like 1994 and I liked the way they sounded . Yes I have heard just about everything and have had every brand at one time or another . But as I was saying , this package really sounds awesome for this price . It,s crazy . I have them in a Lincoln Town Car  and they have a very tight sound . Crossed over at 160hz , they don't shake me to death and they sound ten times louder than you would think , being just two ten inch in a small box . I usually don't go for ported enclosures either . Always a sealed enclosure guy . But I got them hooked up and have been listening to them for about 4 months now and I'm not sure I'm going to change them for a while . So, what went from "a bargain sub system" just to get by" until I decided on new subs and amp , has become "a set of subs and amp that I'm hesitant to change" . Keep in mind these subs will not knock your head off . But they are loud and will shake the mirrors and your rear end . But I mostly buy subs for sound quality and this " just to fill in , until I figure out what is going in for real " . Became " They sound so good , I don't want to change them " Sub and Amp in my car . So hats off to MTX for some seriously cheap sound quality . Only thing is , I have seen a few bad reviews here and there around the net . But I believe it's because of install problems . If you decide on this package , I would suggest adding a capacitor and a really good ground close to the amp . I say this because in my  Lincoln Town Car the Amp dimmed the headlights when playing at louder volumes . This problem became less apparent after I ran a shorter ground to the amp "  a 5 inch ground from an 18" long ground . But the problem completely went away after adding a cap . Some vehicles won't have this problem . I also have the subs firing toward the tail lights in the trunk . They seem to have better detail firing into the trunk than they do firing toward the cabin . If I had these in my mustang GT they probably would knock my head off , but I can't believe how loud and detailed they are in this giant Town Car . I did remove the factory sub enclosure from the rear deck of the Town Car so there would be a good bit of space in the back dash for sound to come through into the cabin . But this is one of the best and cheapest sub kits I have ever heard and I'm not sure how they can make and sell it for this price . It just kills me how it can sound as good as something that I would put a lot of time and research into . Cause I have never done the bass package thing , I always thought it was just for getting you by until you decided on a real sub and amp . LOL . I have been proven wrong BIG TIME ! Thanks , if you read my whole review , then you really care about your sound . MTX, you have really blown my mind with this package .
Guest | 2/7/2014 8:07 AM
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I got them about for weeks ago and people say they don't hit hard but they do in my car and I drive one of the longest cars they make and they're in the back they sound fantastic I strongly suggest that you buy them if your on a budget like I was for everything installation was 180 so my overall spending was 320 approximately
John | 7/25/2013 6:06 PM
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My son truly enjoys this product.
Christy | 7/9/2013 12:25 AM
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They were great man. True shit.
Coty | 7/1/2013 10:59 AM
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Awesome love the sub bump really good
Jason | 6/30/2013 3:39 AM
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