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Residential Sound Masking System

Acoustically masks sounds in your home, reducing distractions. Ideal to help reduce child distraction from homework and can help improve sleep by masking noise created by other occupants.
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    AtlasIED has been producing audio products since 1934 and is widely recognized as a leader in the commercial sound masking industry. Now this expertise is available for use in your home!

    The AM1200SYSTEM is a self contained sound masking system that includes a speaker, sound masking generator, and power cord that can be connected to any standard 110V power outlet. This system can play either white or pink noise to provide sound masking to residential spaces ensuring conversational privacy.

    Why do you need sound masking? Sound masking systems are designed to raise the ambient noise level using white or pink noise, like static on TV stations before every channel was 24 hours, in the room where they are installed. This allows conversations or other noises in other parts of the home to be unintelligible to the listener where the sound masking system is installed. There are dozens of home applications where this is not only practical but can greatly benefit your family.

    One such scenario is your home office. Whether you are conducting private business during the day and don't want conversations to be overheard outside the office or your kids are home all day while you are trying to work and you don't want to hear them, the AM1200SYSTEM is the perfect solution for you. When placed in the hallway outside the office conversations in the office become unintelligible ensuring privacy and when placed inside the office noises and conversations going on in the rest of the house become unintelligible.

    Do you have small children who have trouble sleeping if there is too much noise in the house? Placing the AM1200SYSTEM under their bed not only minimizes the distracting intelligibility level of voices heard outside their bedroom but also provides a constant soothing sound that is easy to fall asleep to. Do your children talk on their phones or computers or play video games with their friends in their bedrooms? Installing a sound masking system in the hallway ensures that anyone in the hallway isn't bothered by the conversations happening inside. This is true for any bedroom in the house. If parents want to speak privately about family business without the children hearing, the AM1200SYSTEM in the hallway ensures those conversations remain private.


    • Self-Contained Audio Masking System
    • Includes Two Efficient Wide Range 2" x 4" Speakers
    • Internal 12W Class D Amplifier
    • Selectable White and Pink Noise Analog Generators
    • External UL Rated 24VDC Power Supply
    Output Power 12W x 2 @ 70.7V (416Ω)
    Hi Cut Filter Variable 1kHz-7kHz
    Depth 6" (152mm)
    Height 2.68" (68mm)
    Width 7.25" (184mm)
    Weight 3.0 lbs (1.35kg)