Terminator Subwoofers

Terminator series subwoofers are an excellent option for enthusiasts that want to give their audio system's bass a big boost.

Terminator Technologies:

  • ALDS Asymmetrical Linear Drive System with a flat progressive spider and extended pole piece for smooth, linear, piston like drive.
  • Exclusive Spider Plateau Venting cooling system cools at the voice coil.
  • Rubber surround for greater durability and longetivity of the sub.

Terminator Car Subwoofers

Terminator TN12-04 12 inch 200W RMS 4 Ohm Subwoofer

The MTX Terminator Car Audio SubwooferWorld Famous Sub

The classic Terminator Car Audio Subwoofer bangs out bass in rigs all over the world. Its economical price made it our most popular entry level sub over the last several years. And the Terminator still outperforms any sub in its class.

The TN12-04 Terminator

The MTX TN12-04 is a 12" single voice coil, 4 Ohm, 200 watt Car Audio Subwoofer that is economically priced but not short on performance.

$69.95 $59.95