Thunder Marine TM601D 200W RMS Mono Block Class D Marine Amplifier

Marine Audio Limited Supply

200W RMS 2 Ohm Stable Mono Block Class D Marine Amplifier
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The TM601D is a mono block class D subwoofer amplifier designed for the harshest marine environment. Conformal board coatings help to prevent corrosion, and thermal rail regulation helps to control amplifier temperature. Sealed covers keep amplifier controls and speaker terminals dry. Additionallly surface mount technology secures critical components to the PCB and resist vibration for long term performance even when used in harsh weather conditions. Even with all of this advanced technology, thunder marine is still pure, legendary MTX with versatile, high power amplifiers, clean, crisp speakers and boat rockin’ subs, you’ll see why Thunder Marine is the best sounding marine audio… ever

Tech Specs
Topology Class D
4 Ohm RMS Power Output 100W x 1 Channel
Signal to Noise Ratio 73dB
2 Ohm RMS Power Output 200W x 1 Channel
Frequency Response 20Hz - 85Hz
Crossover 10dB/octave @ 85Hz
Bass Boost Switchable @ 0, 6, or 12dB @ 40Hz
Max Sensitivity 200mV
Maximum Input Signal 2.5V
Salt Spray Tested 500 Hours ASTMB117-03
Height 2 3/8" (6.03 cm)
Width 7 5/16" (18.57 cm)
Depth 9 1/2" (24.13 cm)
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