MTX Audio Update Newsletter - April, 2015


MTX Audio Update - April, 2015

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MTX Update Newsletter

MTX T9500 Car Subwoofers

Choosing the right component subwoofer can seem like a challenge, with so many subwoofer options out there. How can you decide which one is the best for YOU? Choose a loaded and amplified enclosure (subs are already matched and mounted with a perfectly matched amplifier already built-in)? Just wire and rock?!

But If you prefer the high performance or custom design of a component sub, read on... There are thousands of options in different brands, sizes, power handling, voice coil configurations, etc.

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THE GAME CHANGER has arrived.

The Many Benefits Of Sound Deadening Material

Sound deadening materials are products used to reduce the rattling in the body panels and license plates of a vehicle. A person might think, “I don’t want to deaden the sound of my audio system,” but sound deadening products actually improve the quality and SPL of your system.

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Find Treasures!

MTX Weekly Deals are now found in 'Limited Supply' under Car, Marine and Home Audio

Great MTX Audio components at very low prices...

MTX Audio Rear-Wireless Home Theater Package

This speaker package provides the best of all world's, high power handling front cabinet speakers that deliver exceptional bass combined with wireless rear speakers that also serve as room lights if desired, and a compact center channel that delivers crystal clear high frequencies whether you are listening to music or movies.

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James Hetfield 2004 F-150

Car Show • Drift Shows • Hydraulic Shows Burn-Out Shows • Audio Event • Swimsuit Competitions

Come see Chris Traylor and his incredible James Hetfield 2004 F-150 showcasing a gorgeous MTX Audio system at the NOPI Nationals Motorsports Supershow.



Enjoy the music! - The MTX Team


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