Complete Bass Systems

Car Subwoofer System recommendations from our team of experts... pre-matched for great sound to start rocking your ride.

Car subwoofer systems includes subwoofer(s), matched amp and the optimum enclosure for heart-pounding bass.

Want us to choose the best subwoofer system for you?

The audio components included in the systems on this page have been matched by MTX technicians to ensure that subs, amp and enclosure are optimized to pump out the best and most bass, so you only need to install an MTX Sub Pack to know you will rock the neighborhood.

These packages are mostly unassembled. Want a more ready-to-go sub system? Checkout the next tab, 'Car Subwoofer Systems' for options.

Car Subwoofer Systems

  • Component Subwoofer Systems
    • Choose your favorite subwoofers to design a custom system for maximum performance, special mounting location, or show-ready design. In addition to your component subs, remember you will need to choose or build an enclosure, match an amplifier, and order those installation accessories.
  • Enclosed Subwoofer Systems (Loaded) 
    • Subs are mounted in an optimized enclosure. You need an external amplifier for this type of system to be mounted separately. Loaded Enclosures save time by matching the right enclosure size and premounting the subs. See more...
  • Powered Subwoofer Systems
    • Includes a matched amplifier mounted with subs in an optimized enclosure. These systems typically take up less space and install easily, but sometimes offer slightly less performance due to minaturizing the amp. They still rock! See more...
  • ThunderForm Vehicle Specific Custom Enclosure Subwoofers
    • Designed to fit in the unused spaces of your car, suv, or truck, like under/behind the seat or in a molding recess for example. MTX ThunderForms are great for a discreet mounted subwoofer in an interior matching design. See more...

Looking for a custom enclosure to perfectly fit your ride?

Our subwoofer system enclosures are typically large and intended to mount in your trunk or the back of your SUV. If you want something designed to tuck away or even go under the back seat, check out our ThunderForm Vehicle Speciic Custom Subwioofer Enclosures for a selection of molded subwoofer boxes designed to perfectly fit the wasted spaces in your car or truck. Most ThunderForms come in scratch-proof colors to match your interior. And all are optimized to give you the thundering subwoofer bass you expect from MTX.

Recommended MTX Car Subwoofer Systems

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