StreetAudio iX1 PINK On Ear Headphones - Pink/White

On Ear Headphones - Pink/White
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Manufacturer: MTX Audio
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Feel the Thunder®... The MTX StreetAudio iX1 on ear acoustic monitors are designed to deliver the MTX sound experience that fans have craved for over 30 years to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

These on ear monitors include a 40mm speaker specifically designed to deliver the extreme bass associated with MTX Audio. The iX1s are constructed using a brushed aluminum band that incorporates dual hinges that allow the unit to fold in half for easy transportation in the included carrying case when they are not in use.

Each unit includes a standard audio connection and a connection with an integrated mic/remote that works with Apple® devices. You can connect the audio connection to either the left or right side depending on your preference and style and you can even connect another pair of headphones to the empty port for when you want to share whatever you are listening to with someone else.

MTX fans now have the ability to listen to MTX and Feel the Thunder® wherever they go.

Owners Manual iX1 Owners Manual.pdf
iX1 Review by Reno Radio DJ "Boogie" Reno Radio DJ Boogie iX1 Review.mp3
iX1 Review by Reno Radio DJ "Boogie" Reno Radio DJ Boogie iX1 Review.mp3

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