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MTX Black Earbuds

Feel the Thunder® wherever you go

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MTX StreetAudio iX2 In-Ear Acoustic Monitors are designed to deliver the MTX sound experience that fans have craved for over 30 years to your mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

MTX 2-way Earbud Technology

These 2-way In-Ear Acoustic Monitors include both high frequency and low frequency drivers specifically designed to deliver an unmatched stereo experience with real MTX bass.

Comfortable And Snug

The iX2s are constructed using a brushed aluminum speaker housing and include a Made for Apple® integrated mic/remote. The soft ear cushions are super comfortable and hold well. Additionally the iX2s include a protective, zippered carrying case that allows you to store them conveniently.

MTX fans now have the ability to listen to MTX and Feel the Thunder® wherever they go.

Try it for 30 days... you will be impressed.

Sensitivity (1W/1M) 115dB
Frequency Response 10Hz - 25kHz
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