RoadThunder RT602 180W RMS 2-Channel Class A/B Amplifier

180W RMS 2 Ohm Stable 2-Channel Class A/B Full Range Amplifier
SKU: RT602
Manufacturer: MTX Audio

The RoadThunder RT602 amplifier is a 2-channel class A/B full range amplifier designed to exceed your expectation for how an amplifier should perform. This amplifier incorporates high end materials with convection cooling functionality. Each RT Series amplifier is designed to perform to the highest standard and has undergone rigorous quality testing to ensure this standard is met. This amp is designed to power up to 180 watts of speakers into a 2 ohm load. The RT602 includes both high and low level inputs so it can be easily connected to any system as well as a full range, high pass, or low pass selectable crossover.

Class A/B Toplogy Delivers Exceptional Sound Quality
High and Low Level Inputs Allow Connection to Any Source
Extruded Heatsink Helps Effecitevly Dissipate Heat
Primary Ratings (enter custom value)
Power Output 60 Watts RMS x 2 Channels at 4 Ohm
Signal-to-noise Ratio (1Watt) >80dB
Secondary Ratings (enter custom value)
Power Output 90 Watts RMS x 2 Channels at 2 Ohm < 1% THD+N
Power Output 180 Watts RMS x 1 Channels bridged at 4 Ohm < 1% THD+N
THD+N (Distortion) (1 Watt) <1%
Frequency Response 20Hz to 30kHz
Maximum Input Signal 6V
Max Sensitivity 100mV
Crossover Variable High, 12dB/Oct; 40Hz to 400Hz
Variable Low, 12dB/Oct; 40Hz to 400Hz
Dimensions (enter custom value)
Width 12 1/5" (30.99 cm)
Height 7 1/16" (17.94 cm)
Depth 2 1/8" (5.4 cm)
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