THUNDER Series THUNDER1000.1 1000W RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

1000W RMS 1 Ohm Stable Mono Block Class D Amplifier
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Feel the Thunder

MTX THUNDER1000.1 is designed to work with an assortment of subwoofers and is capable of delivering up to 2000 watts peak power in an incredibly small package.

High Power High Value

The THUNDER1000.1 is a high powered subwoofer amplifier capable of delivering up to 1000 watts RMS power at 1Ω. Additionally, the unit is designed to be installed in almost any vehicle due to its small chassis size.

Technologically Advanced

The THUNDER1000.1 features a high efficiency class D topology. This type of circuit is preferred for driving subwoofers due to its ability to minimize power loss to heat. The THUNDER1000.1 also features surface mount technology. This design uses smaller more efficient parts that adhere to the circuit board much better than traditional through hole designs making it extremely vibration resistant.

THUNDER Amps Installed Easy Adjustment

The control panel on the THUNDER1000.1 is easy to access and make adjustments. The unit includes a variable low pass filter and a selectable bass boost, 0, +6, or +12dB. The unit also features a subsonic filter that can be used in conjunction with a vented enclosure for optimal sound quality.

Secure Connections

The THUNDER1000.1 uses set screw type connections for both its power and speaker terminals. The power and ground inputs will support up to a 1/0 AWG wire and the speaker inputs can support up to a 12 AWG wire. Set screw type connectors provide the most secure connection minimizing power loss and delivering all the power to the amplifier and to the speakers.

Remember, you cannot install an amplifier without an amplifier kit. MTX recommends using a ZN5K-04 to power the THUNDER1000.1.

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Small Footprint
Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink
Surface Mount PCB Design
Variable Crossover
Description Mono Block
4 Ohm RMS Power Output 350W x 1 Channel
Signal-to-noise Ratio (1Watt) 80dB
2 Ohm RMS Power Output 600W x 1 Channel
1 Ohm RMS Power Output 1000W x 1 Channel
Topology Class D
THD+N (Distortion) (1 Watt) <1%
Frequency Response 10Hz - 220Hz
Crossover Variable Low @ 40Hz to 220Hz, 12dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter 10Hz to 50Hz, 12dB/Oct Variable
Bass Boost 0 6 12dB Switchable
Max Sensitivity 200mV
Max Input Signal 5V
Height 6.3"
Width 12.13"
Depth 2.25"
Owners Manual MTX004553 THUNDER Series Owners Manual.pdf
50Hz Test Tone 50Hz.mp3
50Hz Frequency Test Tone

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