StreetAudio iP1 ThunderComm Portable Communication and Multimedia Audio System

ThunderComm Portable Communication and Multimedia Audio System
SKU: iP1
Manufacturer: MTX Audio
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Feel the Thunder®... The MTX StreetAudio iP1 is a portable, powered speaker designed to integrate with your life. This high quality conference system is designed to reproduce high fidelity audio in a small, portable package. The iP1 can be used with any Smarthphone enabling crystal clear, hands free sound for a single listener or a group. When connected to a smartphone, the iP1 provides excellent clarity and volume for all listeners in nearly any environment.The iP1 can also be used with any audio source that includes a 3.5mm output or with computers that feature a USB 2.0 connection. The brushed aluminum design is very durable and the rubber back prevents the speaker from sliding once positioned. The iP1 includes a zippered carrying case that protects the speaker when you are not using it. The internal battery can be recharged using any computer's USB 2.0 port or a power supply that accepts a USB input.

Ideal for Use with Smartphones as Speaker Phone for Group Calls
USB 2.0 and 3.5mm Inputs
Aluminum Construction
Carry Case Included
Height 1.67"
Diameter 3.2"
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