Subwoofer System Quick Start

Need help choosing an easy subwoofer addition?

Here are three packaged, awesome sounding subwoofer systems that can be installed in most car trunks or positioned in the back of a truck cab.

MTX Vehicle Specific Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

For perfectly matched car and truck enclosures that take advantage of the unused space in your specififc vehicle, see our MTX Vehicle Specific Custom Subwoofer Enclosures.

MTX RoadThunder RT8PT 8in Subwoofer Tube

RoadThunder RT8PT 8" 120W RMS Vented Bass Tube

The RoadThunder RT8PT 8" powered bass tube is the latest universal bass solution from the engineers at MTX. As cars get smaller and MPG's become more important, there is no reason to sacrifice your sound. The RT8PT is small enough to fit in any vehicle but delivers big bass so now you can get the best of both worlds. This system consists of an 8" subwoofer in a vented tube enclosure with an integrated 120W power amplifier. Plug it in, hook it up and start enjoying. Everything should be this easy.

MTX XThunderLink XTL110P 10in Subwoofer Loaded Enclosure

XThunderLink XTL110P 10" 135W RMS Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

The all new XTL110P is the latest all-in-one solution from MTX that easily enables audio fans to add bass to their vehicle. The system consists of a 10" subwoofer and an integrated power amplifier. The system produces a perfect amount of bass in a package small that works perfectly in nearly any vehicle-sedan, coupe, SUV, pick up, you name it. The built in XThunderLink amplifier works with almost any factory radio or aftermarket system with no extra adaptors or converters to buy.

MTx Terminator TNP112D 12in Subwooefr Party Pack

Terminator TNP112D 12" 200W RMS Vented Enclosure and Mono Block Amplifier

Vented enclosure with a single 12" Terminator subwoofer that is an ideal solution for anyone looking to add bass to their vehicle . The Terminator enclosure is ruggedly constructed using 5/8" MDF and aviation grade black carpet with an embroidered Terminator logo. The Terminator subwoofer is capable of handling 200W RMS and is based on solid construction. This package deliver rock solid performance at an unbeatable price.

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