TH Series TH350.1D 350W RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

350W RMS 1 Ohm Stable Mono Block Class D Amplifier
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TH Series amplifiers were designed with over 25 years of amplifier experience to exceed your expectations. The TH350.1 is an excellent choice for any enthusiast thinking about adding a subwoofer or subwoofers to their vehicle.

Key Features

  • Patented Adaptive Class D Technology
  • Patented Smart Engage Auto Turn On
  • Surface Mount Design
  • Dual Sided Fiberglass Printed Circuit Board
  • Convection Cooled Design

The TH350.1D is a mono block amplifier that is capable of delivering up to 350-watts RMS power into a 1Ω speaker load. This unit features several technologies that have been proven over time to deliver exceptional sound quality. The TH350.1D includes a patent power supply, patented Adaptive Class D design that increases sound quality by eliminating RF interference generated by the MOSFET power supply, and Smart Engage auto turn on technology that eliminates the need to run a remote wire to activate the amplifer during installation saving time and possible damage to the dashboard. This model also features a 24dB/oct low pass filter that increases sound quality by reducing unwanted frequencies more effectively, a variable bass boost from 0-12 dB at 40Hz, and a variable subsonic filter for use in vented subwoofer enclosure applications.

TH1200.1D Top OpenThe TH350.1D also incorporates Intelligent Surface Mount Design Technology which utilizes smaller parts and separates the circuit board into localized zones eliminating interference and improving sound quality. The dual layer circuit board has more copper traces than single sided boards and is able to more efficiently transfer signal across the board with less loss. A clip light is included making it easy to set the amplifier's gain control to the source unit.

                                                                                                     TH1200.1D With Top Open Shown

Patented Class D Technology

Reduces external noise for premium sound quality.

Intelligent Surface Mount Technology

Cutting edge parts eliminate interference and resist vibrations on circuit board

Smart Engage

Patented auto turn-on circuit makes installation easy.

Also available in 650-Watt and 1200-Watt models.

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Patented Adaptive Class D Technology for Optimal Efficiency
Patented Smart Engage Auto Turn On
Surface Mount Design for Resistance to Vibration
Dual Sided Fiberglass Printed Circuit Board
Convection Cooled Design
Includes External Bass Control
Small Footprint for Easy Installation
Clip Light
Description Mono Block
RMS Power Output (Watts) 350
4 Ohm RMS Power Output 125W x 1 Channel
Signal-to-noise Ratio (1Watt) 75dB
2 Ohm RMS Power Output 250W x 1 Channel
1 Ohm RMS Power Output 350W x 1 Channel
Topology Class D
THD+N (Distortion) (1 Watt) <1%
Frequency Response 20Hz - 200Hz
Crossover Variable Low @ 40Hz to 200Hz, 24dB/Oct
Subsonic 20Hz to 50Hz,12dB/Oct, Variable
Bass Boost +12dB @ 40Hz
Max Sensitivity 250mV
Max Input Signal 5V
Height 7.06"
Width 10"
Depth 2.13"
Recommended StreetWires Amp Kit ZN5K-04 OR ZN3K-04
Owners Manual MTX004237 TH350.1D.pdf
50Hz Frequency Test Tone
50Hz Test Tone 50Hz.mp3
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