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250-Watt RMS 2-Channel Class A/B Amplifier

The Xtant 250X2 is a high performance audiophile level 2-channel car audio amplifier. Loaded with patented features including Smart Engage Technology, Pure N-Channel Design, and Xtant Technology Cooling, the 250X2 is the perfect amplifier for a high power set of component speakers for a truly impressive and memorable listening experience.

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    Xtant has long been known as the pinnacle of quality in the car audio industry. Known for high end features and cosmetics, Xtant stands apart with its innovative use of materials and focus on sound quality.

    The Xtant 250X2 is the next generation in Xtant amplifier design. The 250X2 produces 75-watts RMS power at 4Ω and 125-watts RMS at 2Ω. This unit features several technology features that set it apart and includes a design unlike anything on the market today. The 250X2 features sophisticated technologies designed to give you the ultimate listening experience. This amplifier features a class A/B design that delivers exceptional sound quality across all volumes. The patented Pure N-Channel design uses the same MOSFET style on both the positive and negative side of the amplifiers output stage. This design allows the amplifier to function more efficiently, not losing power as wasted heat, and it better controls the speaker delivering less distortion and better overall sound quality.

    The Xtant Technology Cooling is a variable speed fan cooling technology that also aids in reducing heat build up so the amplifier better manages potential thermal events. This technology allows the fan to spin faster as heat or output increases and it spins slower when the amp is cooler or output level decreases. Patented Smart Engage technology allows the amplifier to be connected to a factory headunit and eliminates the need to run a remote wire to the amplifier. The speaker connected interconnects sense voltage through the speakers when the radio is powered on, causing the amplifier to turn on as well. This saves time during installation and limits the potential for damage to occur to the dashboard. The Intelligent Surface Mount Design uses smaller more efficient parts than other amplifiers that use a through hole design. These parts produce less heat and are more vibration resistant making this design ideal for amplifiers used in trunks and other tight spaces.

    The 250X2 includes an "Audiophile" mode that allows you to bypass all of the amplifier equalization so that you can either enjoy the sound as produced by the source directly or for use with an aftermarket equalizer. This is for true sound quality enthusiasts that won't settle for just good, but that demand great. If sound adjustment is needed at the amplifier, the 250X2 includes both a variable low pass and a variable high pass crossover for custom tuning of the sound based on your prefernce. The amplifier is finished with copper and wood accents. The top panels are removable allowing access to the feature set and the wooden inserts can be removed and customized/replaced to match any interior or installation.

    • Patented Smart Engage Technology Allows Easy Connection to Factory Radios
    • Patented Pure N-Channel Design
    • Audiophile Mode Bypasses Feature Set for Pure, True Sound
    • Xtant Technology Cooling Delivers Cool Air to the Heat Sink Based On Output
    • Intelligent Surface Mount Design Resists Vibration
    • Real Wood Inserts
    Description 4 Channel
    2Ω RMS Power Output 125W x 2 Channels
    4Ω RMS Power Output 75W x 2 Channels
    1Ω RMS Power Output NA
    Bridged RMS Power 250W x 1 Channel @ 4 Ohms
    Signal to Noise Ratio >75dB
    Topology Class A/B
    THD <1%
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz
    Crossover Low @ 40Hz to 200Hz, 24dB/Oct; High @ 50Hz to 5000Hz, 12dB/Oct
    Max Sensitivity 250mV
    Maximum Input Signal 5V
    Height 9"
    Width 12"
    Depth 2.2"
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