MTX For Your Home
For over 40 years, MTX Audio has been producing impressive audio products such as our superb collection of free-standing and built-in home audio speakers. Our expert sound engineers develop leading audio technologies that let MTX components reproduce difficult soaring musical passages and yet recreate thundering theater quality bass for that realistic movie experience.

What is MTX Home Audio?

Home audio can mean different things to different people.

At the most basic level, home audio refers to speakers and subwoofers used in your home to reproduce sound from you music, movies, and television. There are many types of speakers that can accomplish these things and MTX Audio has been perfecting their design for the last 25 years.

MTX Home Audio Product Types

MTX offers multiple home audio product types designed to fit your home needs and applications.

  • Systems - These products include multiple speakers that can complete a surround sound package as well as a subwoofer for bringing your bass to life.
  • Custom Speakers - Custom speakers are designed to provide high definition sound in a discreet package, either in-ceiling or in-wall.
  • Wireless - Wireless speakers are a popular way to add better sound without having a large cabinet speaker or cutting holes in your walls. The Soundolier DUO is a unique solution that performs double duty in your home audio applications.
  • Subwoofers - A subwoofer reproduces the lowest frequencies in the audio spectrum, the rumble you feel from a bass drum or an explosion in a movie.
  • Cabinet Speakers - Cabinet speakers deliver the best sound experience of all types of speakers because they are bigger and often incorporate multiple speakers in a single cabinet.
  • Multipurpose Speakers - These speakers are designed exactly what they say, multiple uses. They can be used in home theaters, offices, bedrooms, and even outdoors allowing you to enjoy your music wherever you want.
  • All Weather - All weather speakers are constructed using weather resistant materials and are ideal for use on patios, decks, and other spaces where they can be exposed to the elements.