StreetAudio iX1 BLACK On Ear Headphones - Black

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StreetAudio iX1 RED On Ear Headphones - Red/Grey

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StreetAudio iX1 WHITE On Ear Headphones - White/Red

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StreetAudio iX1 PINK On Ear Headphones - Pink/White

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High Definition Audio
Katie Vernola with MTX Headphones
Whether you are listening to your favorite music, podcast, or watching a movie, you want it to sound great and you want it to look cool. For over 40 years MTX has been building products that bring high definition audio with Thunder Bass to vehicles, homes, boats, and now in headphones.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
StreetAudio and Margaritaville Audio products from MTX prove once again that MTX is Serious About Sound. Our portable audio products are unmatched. They simply sound better and have more features ...compare for yourself. We are so sure you are going to love your new StreetAudio headphones we back them with a 30 day money back guarantee. Choose sound over the crowd and hear the difference for yourself today.


Bye-Bye Beats

I have the Beats Solo headphones already and after getting the MTX headphones for Christmas, I've haven't used the Beats since. The MTX bass is better, they sound cleaner and they don't break (I use mine snowboarding and crash a lot). I gave my Beats to my brother so he wouldn't borrow my new ones from MTX, those stay with me!

Jason - iX1 Headphone Review

Over Ear Monitor Headphones...

  • Unmatched MTX Real Bass
  • Made for Apple Mic/Remote Control
  • Audio Compatible with All Devices
  • Listen with a friend - Daisy Chain Capability With No Y Adaptor Necessary
  • Tangle Free Cable
  • Includes Protective Zippered Carrying Case


Review of the MTX iX1's...

"Most famous for their great sounding car audio components, they entered the headphone market and came up with something awesome."

Technology Tell Magazine

Read about the iX1's...

"We must applaud its great dynamics, heightened frequencies, nice audio insulation, robustness of its components and overall ‘cool’ appearance."