Better Together

There are a lot of places sound can take you without ever really moving when you listen close. When product meets unparalleled vehicle performance, that’s where the magic happens. We’re here to amplify every ride.

OEM Innovations


If sound is a place, someone has to build it. With bulletproof audio and a deep-rooted history in basshead culture, we can stake our claim as the premiere audio brand that can bring you to that place.


  • Full Vehicle System Solutions
  • New Product Development
  • Product for Marine and Saltwater Environments
  • Waterproof Product
  • Open Air Premium Audio and Video Solutions
  • DSP Tuning and Development
  • APQP Quality Planning
  • Advanced Validation Testing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Compliance Management
  • Global Manufacturing Footprint, Including USA

Product Categories

  • Complete Premium Audio Systems for All Applications
  • Portable Audio Systems / Battery Operated Systems
  • Infotainment Systems / Meters / Gauges
  • Advanced Vehicle Camera Systems / 3D and Surround
  • Communications Equipment / GPS / RF Communications
  • High Performance Antennas
  • LED Lighting and Controls
  • High Quality Plastic Enclosures
  • Wire Harnesses and Connectors

A Few Things


We Think Creatively

We are fearless. MTX is a bold brand that takes calculated risks that get noticed. We are not content to sit back and iterate on someone else's success, we prefer to pave our own path forward.

We Do Amazing Projects

MTX is a technology company that is constantly innovating. We anticipate the needs of our audience to deliver sonic experiences that they could only dream of.

We Stand for Simplicity

We innovate solutions designed to take people away from the ordinary and into the thrill of the unknown.

We Do It On Time

Loyalty is core to who we are. That’s loyalty to partners, but also deadlines so every experience is as seamless as our audio.




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Experience Across

the board

Join MTX in our mission to make sound a place. Whether you’re a dealer, OEM, or aspiring audiophile, you can be a part of the journey.

New Product Development

Innovation is key to staying ahead. MTX Audio is constantly searching for the next sonic solution.

APQP Quality Planning

Looks are great but don’t mean much without performance. We meet the highest quality standards.

Supply Chain Management

Our products only matter if you can get your hands on them.

Validation Testing

We test and check every product across internal and external partners to ensure consistency.

Compliance Management

We are compliant with the current rules and regulations of our space.

Service and Support

MTX Audio offers a range of support solutions so every partner and customer leaves happy.



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