95 Series 9512-22 12 inch 1200W RMS Dual 2Ω Car Audio Subwoofer

Legendary Output

The Game Changer

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Introducing the baddest subwoofer available for years to come.


For over 10 years, the MTX 95 name has been synonymous with unmatched SPL output and legendary performance. The new 95 builds on that legacy with new technologies that take this Subwoofer to levels never before acheived. This subwoofer is designed to produce bass, plain and simple.

The Next Level

It is ideal for competitors looking to take their systems to the next level, for those wanting the best sounding subwoofer available for their primo ride, and for everyday enthusiasts that want a "live concert" happening in their cars instead of that boring stock audio experience.

This 12" model features a dual 2Ω voice coil configuration and is capable of handling 1200W RMS power.

Inverted Apex Surround Spider Plateau Venting

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    Inverted Apex Surround

    Creates higher volume displacement, higher SPL and less distortion.

    Triple Thermal Management

    Spider Plateau Venting & Radial Ribbed T-Yoke let you play hard and long..

    Internal Voice Coil Heatsink

    Further dissipates heat and decreases distortion.

    The New, Unmatched 95 Series

    This is not some off the shelf part added to make the 95 "new and improved". The new 95 series has been under development for over two years so that this new version would live up to the name it proudly wears. MTX engineers went back to the drawing board to make the 95 Series bigger and better than the now famous 9500 version. MTX 95 Series Car Superwoofer This meant building the sub to handle more power with better materials to provide superior accuracy and cooling, while at the same time improving SPL output and sound quality from our already high standards.

    95 Series Rugged Precision

    The 95 series uses a new cast aluminum basket that delivers exceptional strength in containing the oversized magnet and subwoofer motor structure as well as reducing resonance improving overall sound quality. The new Inverted Apex Surround replaces the older style high roll surround. This new surround design increases effective surface area of the cone by using half the width of the old style surround without sacrificing any excursion. In fact the new 95 has an Xmax of 1.25". Couple that incredible excursion with increased surface diameter and the result is exponentially increased SPL output.

    MTX Inverted Apex Surround Animation

    MTX Inverted Apex Surround

    A glass fiber cone which offers excellent stiffness to weight ratio is used to lower weght and increase sensitivity creating higher SPL using lower power. Each unit features a progressive layered spider that helps ensure linear movement of the subwoofer thereby reducing distortion. The spider also protects the integrated tinsel leads and because of its construction requires no break in period meaning the subwoofer can handle full power as soon as it is installed. The voice coil has a 4" diameter and utilizes high temperature aluminum wire designed to withstand high current over long periods of time ensuring the 95 is ready to play at all times.

    95 Exploded View

    A three layer thermal management design incorporates multiple means of cooling the voice coil so that it plays distortion free even at high output. Spider Plateau Venting is a mechanical cooling process that circulates hot air for cool air at the voice coil as the subwoofer continuously cycles. An integrated voice coil heatsink helps reduce voice coil temperature, dissipating it through its mass and out away from the voice coil. Finally an integrated t-yoke heat sink on the backplate absorbs heat from the voice coil and radiates it to the back of the subwoofer away from the voice coil.


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    Inverted Apex Surround -Increases Surface Area Resulting in Increased Volume Displacement and SPL While Allowing for an Amazing 1.25" XMAX

    Cast Aluminum Basket - Reduces Resonance for Improved Sound Quality

    Radial Ribbed T-Yoke - Helps Dissipates Heat and Decreases Distortion Improving Sound Quality

    Spider Plateau Venting - Targets Cool Air at Voice Coil for Improved Thermal Performance

    3-Layer Thermal Management - Supercooled for Continuous High Output without Distortion

    High Efficiency Glass Fiber Cone - Optimum Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio for Maximun Output

    4" Aluminum Voice Coil
    8 AWG Compression Terminals
    Tech Specs
    RMS Power (Watts) 1200
    Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 600 - 1200
    Peak Power (Watts) 2400
    Impedance Dual 2Ω
    Sensitivity 82.3dB
    Frequency Response 21Hz - 100Hz
    Volume Displacement (cu in) 114.43
    Cut Out Diameter 11-1/16"
    Xmax 1.25"
    Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 2.6 cu ft
    Vented Enclosure Net Volume 3.5 cu ft
    Mounting Depth 8-15/16"
    Support Files
    50Hzmp3 Download
    9512-22-Tech-Data-Sheet (2 pages) View | Download
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