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MTX offers a wide variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities for companies & individuals, who are looking to become a part of the Amplify The Ride mission of the highest quality mobile, Powersports, and marine audio in the high-performance audio industry. 
Vehicle sponsorships are a tried-and-true method we have been using for many years, that both benefit MTX Audio and the individual & company we work with. 
  • Motorsports Vehicles 
  • High-Quality Show Cars & Trucks 
  • Powersports & UTV's 
  • Event Marketing 
  • Automotive events & trade shows 

If you are interested in applying for a 2024 MTX sponsorship to receive discounted audio components and exclusive perks, please fill out the sponsorship application below.  

Note: You must complete the form below and the PDF file attached in full detail to be considered for a sponsorship opportunity with MTX.

To apply, please complete the following: 

  • Please read the entire application in full. 
  • Attach several images of your proposed vehicle project or current build to the on-page form. 
  • Please download the highlighted PDF file below and completely read, fill out, and attach the form to the on-page form with your sponsorship application submission. 
  • Sponsorship Application 

Furthermore, please download the highlighted PDF file and fill out, read, and attach back this form upon your sponsorship submission. 

Submitting our sponsorship application does not guarantee you to receive any audio components or discounts; nor are you in a contract of any kind with MTX. Should your application meet our qualifications and requirements, we will contact you directly via telephone and email with additional information on how to receive your products or discounts.

Please allow up to 14 business days for our marketing team to respond to any submitted application before attempting to contact us.