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Fits 2002-2006 - Amplified 10 inch 200W RMS Vehicle Specific Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

Amplified Thunderform with a single, hard hitting ten inch FPR Subwoofer powered with 200 watts RMS.

Fits Chevrolet Tahoe 2001-2006, GMC Yukon 2000-2006, and Cadillac Escalade 2002-2006 (Not EXT or ESV). Finished in Black.

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    MTX ThunderForm Chevrolet Tahoe

    Vehicle specific ThunderForm enclosures are designed to utilize space in vehicles that would otherwise go unused to add a subwoofer enclosure. These enclosures are highly durable and provide a custom fit so that you do not have to sacrifice cargo space for added aftermarket performance. This model includes a built in amplifier and a single 10" FPR series subwoofer for an unbeatable listening experience with a stealthy factory look.

    Fits: Chevrolet Tahoe 2001-2006, GMC Yukon (Not Denali) 2001-2006, Cadillac Escalade (Not EXT Or ESV) 2002-2006

    Custom Fit

    Easy install with perfect factory fit to over 225 models.

    No Wasted Space

    Utilize unused space in vehicle. Wasted Space = Awesome Bass!

    Easy Install

    Easily Integrates with factory audio system.

    MTX Thunderforms

    Vehicle Specific Custom Subwoofer Enclosures

     - Designed to take advantage of the unused space in your vehicle.

    For over 20 years MTX has been manufacturing Thunderform vehicle specific custom subwoofer enclosures.

    Thunderform Key Features

    • Easy install with perfect factory fit
    • Utilize unused space in vehicle
    • Molded the same color throughout so scratches won't show
    • Easily Integrates with factory audio system
    • Available for over 225 vehicles
    • Includes installation hardware for an easy, flawless install


    "Awesome product! I now have a great sounding powered sub without taking up cargo space with a big sub box"

    Alfred, 3/7/2013, MTX Thunderform Review
    MTX ThunderForm Ford F150 Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

    Ford F150 ThunderForm

    Stock Fit And Look

    All Thunderform models are manufactured using either a highly technical HDPE resin rotational molding or hand laid fiberglass process to create lightweight, durable enclosures, often matching your interior and available in two formats: amplified or loaded. (Try getting a built-in amp from anyone else!)

    Get Thunderforms How You Need Them

    Most Thunderform models come in two versions:

    • Amplified models include an integrated high efficiency amplifier and custom subwoofer that deliver an exceptional performance.
    • Loaded models include a custom 4Ω subwoofer that can be used with existing amplifiers or with upgraded amplifiers.


    • Rotationally Molded Design
    • Installs Under the Driver Side Rear Window in the Cargo Area Behind the Factory Panel
    • Loaded With Single FPR 10" Subwoofers
    • Integrated Amplifier Easily Connects to Existing System
    • Install Hardware Included
    • EBC and Wire Harness Included
    Dimensions 27 13⁄16"H x 17"W x 10"D
    Weight 21.5 lbs.
    Power Handling 200 Watts RMS
    Amplifier 200 Watt Class D
    Enclosure Volume .8 cubic foot, sealed
    Installation Sheet CTYE01BK10 (4 pages) View | Download