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Dirty Bird Concepts Saddlebag Lids for Harley Davidson Motorcycles 1998-2013

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    These aftermarket speaker lids are designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles by the team at Dirty Bird Concepts to fit model years 1998-2013. These lids are designed specifically to accommodate MTX speaker model TDX7X10, 7" x 10" coaxial speakers capable of handling up to 150-watts RMS power. These lids are designed to replace your existing saddlebag lids and are easy to replace using the same mounting hardware from your existing bags. Each unit also includes the MTX standard grille as well as two Dirty Bird Concepts grilles including a stainless steel mesh grille. The units ship unfinished so they can easily be painted to match your motorcycle. 

    • Durable Urethane Design
    • Match MTX Speaker Model TDX7X10
    • Utilize Existing Lid Hardware to Mount New Lids
    • Fit Harley Davidson Model Years 1998-2013