How To Choose The Correct Amplifier?

How to Choose The Correct Amplifier?

When it comes to pure audio performance and sound quality, everyone is going to have a variation of what purely sounds the best to him or her. Music is truly a symphony of where someone can escape to a memory or a place that they remember or aiding in creating new memories. In order to accomplish this, one of the most important decisions is the audio components you choose especially when it comes to your amplifiers.

While you may have a purchased new or used vehicle, whether it will be powersports, mobile, or marine related, choosing the right amplifier is key to all the other components you will choose in your audio system for your ride. To amplify your ride properly, the choice of wattage, input and outputs, along with the subwoofers and component speakers is key to know on the forefront of your goals and planning for your sound system. In doing so, you will give yourself the advantage to be able to research what your budget is and how you will maximize the audio componentry you have.

The purity of sound and quality audio is so important to helping enthusiasts and people alike to help truly an escape in them for so many people and ensuring you have the right components especially your amplifiers is so crucial to having the fullest experience one can possibly have. Throughout the course of this article, we are going to help you find the level of amplification you will need in your amplifiers to accomplish your goals, sound quality, and give you the ability to accomplish a visceral sound quality experience unlike any other.

Sound System Goals

After purchasing a new vehicle, side-by-side, or boat or using your current model, planning your sound system goals is exceedingly crucial for a couple of reasons:

  1.      You must conclude how much power in your audio system you’re going to want.
  2.      Are you the type of individual who love pure crisp audio with a little bass or are you the type of audio enthusiast who is a bass head who loves an abundance of punch and loud audio?
  3.      What kind of encloser you will need for your subwoofers and
  4.      Finally figuring out if you’re planning to go mild or go all the way to wild with your sound system.

Everyone is going to have a different set of wants, needs, and goals to what they are wanting to get out of their audio system, especially if they are upgrading from their factory audio equipment. Here are some factors you will want to take into consideration when choosing your amplifier and the supporting componentry you plan to use such as our Subwoofers and Speakers. When you’re looking at MTX Audio products when you’re researching for what your wants and needs are, you need to consider these variables such as wattage, amperage, output, integration into your vehicle, and most how you want the overall fit and finish to be accomplished in the end.

Whether your vehicle is a complete showstopper you’re building for your next car build, needing quality audio while you’re out on the lake with the family, or ripping up the trails with your UTV, needing major bass and sound to get the adrenaline flowing have a clear map of what you’re wanting to achieve will be so helpful in the research and buying process. You will also want to consider a major price point on where you’re trying to achieve, because if you are wanting a intensive audio system things can get overwhelming on where to spend your hard earned money and also depending on what series of components you plan to use.

Finally, after you have a clear and concise plan of what you desire into your audio system you’re planning to purchase, and you know the power of output you’re desiring to have. Then you will be able to be able to purchase the right encloser for your lifestyle and needs.

Amplifier Needs

You have now solidified what you are wanting to get out of your new MTX Audio system. Now it is time to understand what the necessary features you will need from one of our amplifiers to build the ultimate audio system of your dreams. But first you need to understand how an amplifier works from a basic standpoint.  An amplifiers job is is to take a week audio signal and boost it enough to generate a powerful enough signal to drive a speaker and or a subwoofer. The amplifier generates a completely new output signal that is based on the input signal that comes from a computer, media device, or music player.


This is done by two outputs; first the output circuit is generated by the amplifiers power supply, which draws its energy from your vehicle or its battery, secondly once it has that power it transmits all that through the amplifier to boost the signal in order to produce a boosted sound output and finally the power supply will smooth out the current to generate a very crisp through the speakers and subwoofers, ending up with that being understood, the more you want to produce a larger signal and be able to amplify that to a more powerful sound the larger, more powerful amplifier you’re going to need in order to get the most you desire out of your sound system.


If you are the type of individual who is wanting to up their sounds system but are not going all out, then you will not need an amplifier that has a lot of wattage to provide the necessary power to your speakers and amplifiers. On the other hand, if you’re the type of individual who is going to the extreme to have multiple subwoofers, mid and high speakers, tweeters, and the most bass & volume you will have to have multiple amplifiers that can provide the transmit of power to all the components to transmit the signal properly and deliver the quality sound you are seeking.

Amplifiers Variations

When it comes to amplifier variations, there are certain variables you need to consider when choosing what you need to run your audio system for whatever the use is going to applied. One is going to be your output power supply; this is what is going to run your amplifier and be able to draw on that power supply to help generate the necessary power to the amplifier and then transfer that power to the subwoofers & speakers to amplify your music.

Not only it is important to choose the power and functionality of your amplifier for your vehicle or build, but it is important to choose based on the size, fit & finish your application. For example, say you are seeking the most powerful subwoofer to give you the ultimate bass experience you can imagine, then you would need an amplifier that will serve the most amount of amperage that can deliver the power to convert the signal into sound waves through your subwoofers.

To better understand the correlations of MTX Audio amplifiers you would you need in order to sufficiently power each subwoofer to its highest performance possible.

75 Series:

  •       This is our most competition level of subwoofers that we currently offer. Our 75 Series Subwoofer has been known for being extremely reliable while it rocks like nobody's of the best in the market. We stepped it up a few notches and have now brought the 75 Series back. Just like our discontinued 95 Series, the 75 Series is a "GAME CHANGER" in the SPL world. And sound quality is incomparable.
  •       To power this subwoofer, we recommend that you use at least one of our 1000-watt Jackhammer amps to power the beast that is the 75 series subwoofer. The more power a subwoofer draws from the amp, the more wattage it will need to amplify the bass from the signal.

S65 Series:

  •       Built to deliver the most bass for your dollar and performance in your audio system.
  •       To power this subwoofer, we recommend that you use at least one of our 500 – 1000-watt Jackhammer amplifier to power the beast that is the s65 series subwoofer. The more power a subwoofer draws from the amp, the more wattage it will need to amplify the bass from the signal.

55 Series:

  •       55 Series Subwoofers are high SPL subwoofers that deliver the most bass for your buck. Implementing many of the same features found on our 75 series subwoofers, the 55 Series can rock hard and loud for extended periods of time, while maintaining accurate and clean bass throughout the party.
  •       To power this subwoofer, we recommend that you use at least one of our 500-watt Jackhammer amplifier to power the beast that is the 55 series subwoofer. The more power a subwoofer draws from the amp, the more wattage it will need to amplify the bass from the signal.