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MTX StreetWires PSK04BM 4 AWG Power Station Multi Amp Kit

MTX 4 AWG Power Station Multi Amp Kit
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    StreetWires® Power Stream amplifier kits are the ideal solution for easy amplifier installations. They feature everything you need to get your system powered up. Power Stream amplifier kits also feature the all new ultra flex power cable design for easy manipulation in the hardest to reach areas. Power and ground wire both use 100% oxygen free copper, ensuring the best conductivity with minimal loss of electrical current between your battery and amplifiers.

    Kit contains: 4 and 8 AWG power cable, 8 AWG ground cable, 18 AWG remote wire, 100A AFS fuse, AFS fuse holder, 5/16" ring terminal, 3/16" ring terminal, 8 AWG spade terminal, 18 AWG spade terminal, red butt connector, cable ties, dist block (4 AWG in, 4-8 AWG out).

    • 105ÂșC Jacket
    • Optimized Stranding
    • 100% Oxygen Free Copper Minimizes Voltage Loss Over Long Runs