RoadThunder RT500D 1000W Peak Mono Block Class D Amplifier


High Output Subwoofer Amplifier

Raw Power for Extreme Bass

The perfect amplifier for any enthusiast looking to add subwoofers to their vehicles system whether it is factory or aftermarket. The RT500D is designed to deliver nothing but power for driving extreme bass!

Class D Topology 2Ω Stable

Sold Individually
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    THUNDER Road

    The Road Thunder RT500D car audio amplifier is a masterpiece of power, efficiency, and sound quality packaged in a form that is easily mounted and displayed or hidden anywhere in your vehicle. The RT500D includes a ton of technology that has been perfected over 25 years industry experience in manufacturing unbeatable car audio amplifiers. It can output up to 500-watts RMS power into a 2Ω impedance load making it perfect for driving dual 12" subwoofers.

    Patented Class D

    The RT500D uses a patented circuit, Adapative Class D, that reduces interference caused by rogue frequencies generated by the internal MOSFETs during use. This ensures that your bass notes are clear and defined, delivering the bone rattling bass you want from your subwoofers without any unwanted noise. Additionally, this circuit effectively manages heat build up in the amplifier and dissipates it across the heat sink ensuring long play times with no interruptions. The circuit board is dual layer with twice as many copper traces as competitive amplifiers ensuring reliability.

    System Engaged

    Connecting the RT500D to a factory system is very easy using its integrated Smart Engage technology. This technology allows you to tap directly into your vehicle's factory speakers to get signal to the amplifier as well as to turn it on. This means you dont even need to take the radio out of the dashboard in order get everything working using the included low to high level adapter cables.

    The RT500D includes a wired external bass control allowing you to control the bass level from the driver's seat.

    Patented Adaptive Class D Technology for Optimal Efficiency
    Patented Smart Engage Auto Turn On
    Surface Mount Design for Resistance to Vibration
    Dual Sided Fiberglass Printed Circuit Board
    Convection Cooled Design
    Includes External Bass Control
    Tech Specs
    Total Peak Power 1000 Watts
    2 Ohm RMS Power Output 500W x 1 Channel
    4 Ohm RMS Power Output 250W x 1 Channel
    THD < 1%
    1 Ohm RMS Power Output N/A
    Maximum Input Signal 4v
    Crossover Variable Low @40Hz to 200Hz, 24dB/Oct
    Subsonic Filter 20Hz to 50Hz,12dB/Oct, Variable
    Bass Boost +12dB @ 40Hz
    Height 7 1/16" (17.94 cm)
    Width 11 3/8" (28.89 cm)
    Depth 2 1/8" (5.4 cm)
    Support Files
    Owners Manual Owners Manual (44 pages) View | Download
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